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'Pro Race Driver' (PS2) Zooms Onto Store Shelves

by Rainier on Dec. 10, 2002 @ 6:56 p.m. PST

Codemasters today announced its revolutionary PlayStation2 racing title, Pro Race Driver, shipped to stores. Pro Race Driver redefines the racing genre with the inclusion of an innovative narrative character-based storyline and the realism of more than 40 detailed cars and 38 licensed tracks in Pro Race Driver. The game is available on store shelves for an SRP of $39.99.

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Pro Race Driver, dubbed by many as the first ever “CarPG,” is the next evolution of the smash-hit series, Touring Car Challenge. At its core, Pro Race Driver remains an intense, realistic racing game, but it will introduce a new feature to the racing series – a narrative character-based storyline. Players assume the role of aspiring test driver Ryan McKane, looking to prove himself in the world of racing. Through manager and pit chief advice, racing drama and experience, players guide Ryan to victory as World champion in what will be the ultimate drive of his life. The racing experience has never been so real with 42 amazingly detailed cars, all with accurate handling, physics and real damage, as well as 38 licensed tracks that contribute to the total immersion of the game.

Pro Race Driver also includes several other features that raise the bar for the racing genre. The game features the Finite Element Modelling (FEM) damage engine, which accurately simulates the deformation of a car’s structure over the duration of an impact, calculating how both the internal structure and outer bodywork of the cars react. This physics based approach gives unparalleled realism with different impact results every time depending on the exact conditions of the collision.

Codemasters has also used Dolby Surround Sound in every aspect of the game. The game’s sound track, cinematic cut-sequences, in-game engine and even crash sounds will all be heard through Dolby’s technology. Additionally, Pro Race Driver’s development team implemented an advanced motion capture (MoCap) technology, in which character movement was recorded with full casts of actors performing each scene with their speech recorded simultaneously. This fusion of the movie and gaming worlds means players will be drawn into Pro Race Driver on a whole new level.

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