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Your 'Trainz' Have Come In To NorthAmerican Stores - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 12, 2002 @ 6:52 p.m. PST

Strategy First and Auran announced today that their new model railroad simulation, Trainz has shipped to stores nationwide. Njoy the impressive screens ...

Update: Trainz Spotters Competition! Auran let us know that the first five people to email them a photograph of Trainz on the shelves will win a Trainz T-Shirt signed by the Trainz team. Find out more here!

"Trainz is such a fantastic title! The gameplay is all in your head and the content is all up to your imagination. " said Adam Phillips, Senior Product Manager, Strategy First. "The editor is powerful and easy to use and the possibilities with Gmax are endless. There’s just enough time to master it before Yardmaster is released later this year!”

TRAINZ® takes railroad simulation to a new level by providing all the tools and interactivity model railroad fans have dreamt of for years. Trainz® is a stunningly rendered model railroad simulator that offers users total control as designer and driver. It allows users to control the operations of their model railroad from the driver’s view or trackside. The Auran Jet is the power behind TRAINZ®, maximizing playability by recreating the pleasure and charm of model railroads.

Players will be able to build their own stunningly realistic routes from a variety of locations, from the busy US East Coast, the picturesque English countryside to the endless plains of the Australian Outback - all using the intuitive and powerful TRAINZ® SURVEYOR editor. Players will also be able to choose from the engineer's view and use 3D in-cab controls, or choose the train spotter view and use the virtual “DC” controller. They can even download a variety of fan-designed locomotives and trackside objects from the web site.

Trainz also includes Discreet's gmax game pack allowing users to create and import their own 3D content into the game and extend the capabilities of the Trainz Surveyor even further. Trainz will be the first of its kind to ship with gmax and promises to add extra value for any budding artist, modeler, train or gaming fan.

TRAINZ® will be distributed by Infogrames throughout North America, by Arxel Tribe in Europe and by our other distribution partners in Asia.

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