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Are You Ready For 'The Partners'? - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 14, 2002 @ 4:32 p.m. PST

MonteCristo games is coming up with a brand new game ... From the looks of it it has a Sims twist but based in the "office". Beware of the sexual harrasment law suits ;) Check out the screens ...

7 people, 1 office... unlimited love !

The Partners puts you at the head of a not so ordinary law firm where you can do almost anything you like...

Enter the no-holds-barred world of Benny Sea, Alan Gordon, Angelina Adios, Helen Blanc & co and manage the day to day live of more than 20 lawyers.

Lovers’ tiffs, power struggles and jealousy...a 100% sitcom scenario full of thrills !

Features :

  • 3 campaigns and 21 missions
  • 21 lawyers to manage (7 per campaign) who will interact with secondary characters
  • 9 different needs govern their relations : Love, Friendship, sex, success, relaxation, domination, sport, beauty and culture
  • more than 250 object actions possible (changing desk size, decorating the offices, improving the life of The Partners!...)
  • more than 100 hilarious lawsuits (they have to work some time !)

The Partners, developed and edited by Monte Cristo, will be released for PC in April 2002

On St Valentine's Day, catch up with the latest adventures of The Partners

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