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Bandits In A Virtual World - Neocron On UK TV

by Rainier on Feb. 15, 2002 @ 6:49 p.m. PST

Thumb Bandits will be giving viewers a glimpse of the future with Neocron on Channel Four. On Saturday 16th February at 12.35a.m. UK viewers will get the chance to preview the highly anticipated MMORPG Neocron for the first time on Channel 4s, Thumb Bandits.

Thumb Bandits, presented by Aleks Krotoski (Bits, C4) and Iain Lee (11 C’clock Show, C4 and Thumb Candy, C4) is made by Ideal World Productions and is currently in its second successful series. One of the shows star games reviewers, Iain Lee, says

‘Thanks to ‘Neocron’ on the PC, I can remain in the comfort of my living room all day’.

‘Neocron’ is an online RPG, but one that’s refreshingly different’.

‘Now for some reason, critics and mums say these online RPG’s are antisocial, and that they stop kids interacting, but a good title like this has the opposite effect. ‘Neocron’ has a great in game chatmode that’s simple and lets you choose how many people you chat to’.

Developed by Reakktor Media, Neocron is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) set in a post-apocalyptic metropolis that promises to set standards in its genre. Already dubbed as a Deus Ex in a Blade Runner environment, Neocron promises real-time combat, a unique character skill system and more Sci-Fi upgrades than a typical Star Destroyer.

With a fan base of over 100,000 people signed up on the beta version of Neocron at, registration is still open to those interested to take part. “We are very proud of the community that has developed because of Neocron.” Said Marketing Manager, Leo Zullo. “With over 40 Fan and Clan sites already listed to help you on your way, Neocron will surely be one of the more successful MMORPG’s out there.”

Earlier today we posted a few NEW Neocron screens .. click HERE


  • First Person MMORPG shooter
  • Cyberpunk atmosphere.
  • Easily accessible with a simple yet effective skill system.
  • Ownership of vehicles and real-estate
  • Trade shares, real-estate and items like a real business tycoon
  • Continuously updated world
  • Be what you want… a trader, spy, assassin, hacker, and many more.
  • Virtual Death arenas for gambling and testing your skills
  • 13 Character classes to choose from
  • Soul light system that determines how good or bad your character is becoming.
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