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Namco And Infogrames Team Up In Europe/Australia - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 2, 2002 @ 1:51 a.m. PST

INFOGRAMES is proud to announce that it has signed an agreement with Namco, one of Japan’s leading videogames players to release a Game Boy Advance line-up across Europe and Australia. This includes Namco Museum™ and Pac-Man Collection™ (two classic compilations released for Christmas), Tekken Advance™ (based on the hugely popular fighting franchise), Klonoa™ -Empire of Dreams- (high potential platform game) and Mr.Driller™2 (addictive puzzle gaming).

The release of Tekken Advance marks a watershed as Namco and Infogrames launch one of the most popular fighting game brands of the last decade on the Game Boy Advance. The quality of the game, with rotating arenas and zooming cameras is being matched by an aggressive PR and Marketing strategy including an eye-catching press advertising campaign.

Klonoa raises the stakes for one of the most popular hand-held genres - the platform game. Bright, colourful and beautifully produced the game is already being well received in preview press coverage.

Namco Museum contains the following titles - Galaga ©, Pole Position ©, Galaxian ©, Dig Dug © and Ms.Pac-Man ©. All these classic games have been faithfully reproduced from their Arcade originals and offer an ideal hand-held games playing experience.

The Pac-Man Collection combines the best of 3 classic games featuring one of video gaming's most popular characters - Pac-Man ©, Pacmania ©, Pac-Attack © and also has a completely new game thrown in as well - Pac-Man Arrangement ©.

Mr.Driller2 is based on the popular Arcade machine. The gameplay is staggeringly simple but hugely addictive. Infogrames' marketing campaign will be designed to communicate throughout Europe and Australia, the joy of playing the game via impactful press and in-store promotions.

On behalf of Infogrames, Thomas Schmider, President and COO of Infogrames Entertainment, commented - " We are genuinely excited and enthused to be bringing our customers this strong range of titles from a company with a gaming tradition like Namco's. The releases we have announced speak volumes for themselves but you can guarantee we'll be adding all Infogrames' usual marketing flair and distribution ability to bring them to the market."

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