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NCsoft Announces New Lineage Chapter

by Rainier on Feb. 27, 2002 @ 12:07 a.m. PST

Northeast of the Dragon Valley and the northwest of Giran lies the Lair of Valakas the fire dragon. Dominated by an imposing and rumbling volcano, it is a location filled with mythical beasts and magical creatures.

It is also the location introduced with Episode 10 of Lineage(tm), the most popular online game in the world. NCsoft(tm) Corporation, the world's largest independent online game company, today announced that this new episode in the continuing Lineage epic is now available for exploration, interaction, and play in North America.

"Episode 10 continues the story of Lineage and will further immerse players in this wondrous and compelling online world," said Richard Garriott, executive producer for NCsoft Austin. "Lair of Valakas promises many new surprises for Lineage players and will advance the storyline, introduce new characters and provide a challenging gameplay environment."
At the base of the Lair of Valakas are two large cave entrances. Players who enter the caves will discover the largest living place of the dwarves in Aden - the underground dwarf kingdom and the Steel Gate guild. In the underground dwarf kingdom, the heat of the volcano's lava is used to forge steel in the blacksmith shops. With this steel, the dwarf blacksmiths are able to create special weapons and defensive items.

In addition, the familiar Lineage siege system exists in the dwarven kingdom, and players can attempt to capture control of the Steel Gate guild and its resources. Players must also constantly be on the lookout for volcanic activity, for it heralds the emergence of Valakas, the fire dragon.

With Episode 10, Lineage introduces the MMORPG genre to Macintosh fans with an all-new game client designed for Mac OS X (v10.1.2). For the first time,
Mac and PC gamers will be able to play side-by-side in an online graphical fantasy world. Lineage players can choose from four different character archetypes-a
heroic knight, clever wizard, nimble elf, or royal prince/princess. Creating a character is quick and easy. New players can immediately jump into the game and learn the ropes in a Lineage new player area where they may quickly level up and learn the basics in preparation for the adventures and perils that lie ahead. And unlike other subscription-based games, Lineage offers FREE updates that expand the game world to exotic new lands filled with fierce creatures.

Lineage is distributed via FREE download from the Internet at the Lineage web site. Free Lineage CDs can also be ordered from the web site. Subscribed customers will receive future CDs free as part of the service. The Web site has helpful information about playing Lineage and also includes online manuals, account management tools, news, game support areas and community message boards.

Lineage comes with a 30-day free trial. After the trial period, players are charged US$15 per month. Players can save money by purchasing four months at a rate of US$11.25 per month. An Internet connection is required to play Lineage.

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