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Cannon Spike Hits Europe - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 27, 2002 @ 6:23 p.m. PST

Cannon Spike is a 3-D isometric shooter that challenges players to strategically avoid enemies' projectile attacks while simultaneously attacking them. Players choose from seven different beloved Capcom characters as they travel around the world on high-powered motor boots to destroy evil terrorist robots. The smooth, easy controls and rich depths of gameplay will satisfy the action genre's most discernible fans.

In Cannon Spike, a group of terrorist robots wreaks havoc on the world. The Earth's population has been possessed by a strong sense of fear that the apocalypse is near. To nullify the threat of impending doom and restore peace and stability to the planet, The World Peace Alliance forms the Anti-Robot Special Forces whose primary objective is to terminate the radical robots with extreme prejudice. Armed with their tools of choice; high-powered motor boots and state of the art weaponry, the newly created Anti-Robot Special Forces unit set out to counteract the evil terrorist's robot soldiers and restore freedom.

Famous Capcom characters appear in specially designed costumes created exclusively for this game. Cannon Spike features seven Capcom characters, Shiva, a new character who is an ex-snowboarding champion whose goal is to create peace in the world. Charlie, an air force soldier from the Street Fighter series and close friend of the legendary, Guile, seeks to free the world from the stranglehold of evil terrorists. Arthur, the hero from the Ghosts 'n Goblins series joins the line up to do what he does best and save the world once again. Cammy, a fighting specialist from the Street Fighter series who's been released from Shadowloo brainwashing. Simone a mysterious new character who is an expert in that art of fencing; B.B.Hood, from the Dark Stalkers series, a seemingly innocent girl who packs a massive punch and Mega Man who seeks peace and happiness in the troubled world.

A gallery mode allows players to view beautiful artwork created by one of Capcom's premiere artists. With stunning visuals and five star gameplay you will be in for a real treat with this first class action shooter. Cannon Spike offers a depth of gameplay to satisfy even the most hard-core shooter fans. This innovative shooter will push your reflexes and skills to the ultimate limit.

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