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Capcom Unleashes 'Heavy Metal Geomatrix' In The UK - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 27, 2002 @ 6:38 p.m. PST

Heavy Metal Geomatrix is a 4-player, 'death match-style' fighting game that combines Capcom's legacy of great fighting games with the sexy characters and over-the-top fantasy worlds made famous in the Heavy Metal comic books and movies. Characters and their environments have been designed by world renowned and lead designer of the Heavy Metal franchises', Simon Bisley.

Heavy Metal Geomatrix is set at the end of the 23rd century where Neo-Cyberspace is the final step to a New World order. It swallows people's desires, and grows each second. The evolution of the "NANOBOT" technology (microscopic robots that can recreate human cell composition anywhere online) has now completely merged fantasy and reality into "one world." What was once the human race, have now completely abandoned the real world, spending all their time addicted to the luxury of the virtual world.

Oblivious to reality, the humans never saw the ensuing disaster. With nearly every underground resource of mother earth stolen, there is nothing left to hold and support the massive weight of the world's ice covered caps. The day was inevitable; the glaciers finally succumbed and slipped into the ocean, submerging a high proportion of the world's landmass. What little "turf" was left was quickly claimed by the strongest thugs, gangs, warriors and governments.

The real war has now only just begun. As if torn from the pages of history, the prize was and still is 'landmass' But this time the battleground is NeoCyberspace, the prize the preservation of the human race. The only hope that remains for the survivors is to use their NANOBOTS to recreate their best Nano-Gladiators and arm them with every Nanotech-weapon imaginable for the final showdown against evil. To win, you must fight, to live you must win.

Heavy Metal Geomatrix features 12 characters designed by Heavy Metal artist, Simon Bisley. Players can choose from four teams, each made up of three characters. These characters include Hound, leader of the "818 Stompers", Slash, his girlfriend and the brutal and aggressive Zeus. The "911 Elite Team" is made up of Sarge, Kassey and Stab. The "707 Metal Heads Team" consists of team leader, Duke, Di, and Lance. And finally, the "323 Agents" are made up of mysterious assassins, Phantom, Talbot and the vicious Mayfly. Weapons range from swords, firearms, bazookas, booby traps and other hidden items all featuring long-range and short-range attack functions that make Heavy Metal Geomatrix a non-stop action assault.

In a landmark deal living up to its 'Heavy Metal' image, the game features an awesome soundtrack featuring high octane music from 'Megadeth' and Rob Halford's (ex Judas Priest) new band 'Halford'. Revered metal label, Sanctuary Music plan to release the new songs in the near future.

Heavy Metal Geomatrix throws one to four players into the fantastic world of one of the most outrageous fantasy comics ever and is perfect for a death match-style fighter," said Todd Thorson, director of marketing, Capcom Entertainment. "Combined with an all-out, head banging soundtrack the game will send gamers over the edge."

Heavy Metal is the oldest illustrated fantasy magazine in US. history, celebrating a 24 year-old history and a yearly circulation of 2.5 million copies. Kevin Eastman, owner, editor and publisher of Heavy Metal Magazine, acted as creative consultant on the videogame. Eastman wrote the story and completed the first level of designs prior to the works of Simon Bisley. Eastman is known as the co-creator of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" franchise and co-creator of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Nintendo video game that sold more than 18 million units in the early nineties. Simon Bisley is the award-winning British artist best known for his work on "Judge Dredd" and the infamous 'Batman vs. Judge Dredd' comic books. He also designed many of the main characters for the movie, 'Galaxy Quest' and the forthcoming remake of 'The Time Machine'. In 1981 the company released Heavy Metal: The Movie, produced by Ivan Reitman, known for his work in the movies Animal House and Ghostbusters, which grossed $25 million. The video was released in 1996 and held the number one spot in sales for five weeks. That same year it was named by Billboard charts as the 10th best-selling video, selling more than two million units. !


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