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New WarCraft III Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 5, 2002 @ 3:54 a.m. PST

The new Undead Town revealed in this new screen shot from Blizzard and 3 others giving away more details on certain aspect of the game.. thats a whopping 4 new screenshots instead of the usual one a day ;)


The Undead’s appearance has been improved drastically since they were last seen. Most Undead buildings must be built on Blight. Blight is now created by Undead buildings. Similar to Protoss buildings in StarCraft, Undead buildings will continue constructing themselves after being started by an Acolyte, thereby freeing the Acolyte for other tasks. Most Undead buildings must be built on blight; the Necropolis can be placed off of it. Also, Undead units regenerate health while standing on blight, but Undead Heroes don’t require blight to regenerate. The Undead can Haunt a Gold Mine which is shown in the top left, to mine from a Gold Mine. Acolytes then surround the Haunted Gold Mine (up to 5) and drain Gold from the Mine using their powerful magic without having to return to the Necropolis (Undead Town Hall) to collect resources. Haunted Gold mines create Blight so the Undead do not need a Necropolis to expand to additional Gold Mines. They can also build Spirit Towers next to their new Haunted Gold Mine. The Undead can start mining with only one Acolyte.

To provide food, the Undead create Ziggurats which can also serve as the Undead towers when they are individually upgraded. A Spirit Tower, which is an upgraded Ziggurat, can be seen in the bottom left. A Ziggurat that has not been upgraded can be seen left of the Meat Wagon. A Gargoyle Spire shown below the Haunted Gold Mine allows Gargoyles to be created. The Necropolis, the Undead's "Town Hall" is located above the Death Knight. Ghouls return Lumber to the Necropolis . The Crypt is located in the bottom right. This "barracks" building trains many of the Undead troops. The Slaughterhouse is located in the top right. This building produces Abominations and Meat Wagons as well as has some upgrades.


Spending Skill Points
After a Heroes Level up they gain skill points to spend on additional spells, auras, and passive abilities. Players press the plus button shown. The 3 indicates that there are 3 skill points to spend, as does the portrait in the top left corner of the screen.


This new screen shows what skills, spells, and abilities are available. Players can mouse over the icons to gain additional information, such as is shown here. Heroes receive one skill point per level. Once spent, points cannot be unspent.


When an aura is active, special artwork appears around the units affected by the aura. In this screen shot, the units shown are being helped by the Paladin's Devotion aura, which adds defense. Each Aura has unique artwork, so players will be able to quickly determine which auras are currently active.

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