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Strategy First Signs Publishing Agreement With 'Object Software'

by Rainier on Feb. 5, 2002 @ 5:23 p.m. PST

Strategy First and Object Software are pleased to announce that they have signed a North American publishing agreement for Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs.

"We are pleased to have Object Software on board, " says Steve Wall, V.P. Business Development, Strategy First. "Dragon Throne's rich storyline educates us all about an infamous time in Chinese history and also provides us with hours of entertaining gameplay! We look forward to the game's release later this year and hope that the relationship between Strategy First and Object Software is a long term one."

"We are extremely happy to have entered into a co-publishing agreement with Strategy First for "Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs". We have been very impressed with Strategy First's highly effective marketing and distribution efforts in the North American markets and we have high hopes that they will be able to be equally successful with Dragon Throne," says Persy Zhang, Head of Object Software's Beijing Studio, and an Executive Director of Object Software Limited.

Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs is a real-time management/strategy game that transports players back in time to one of the most famous and turbulent periods of Chinese history. Following the collapse of the Chinese Empire - at the end of the Han Dynasty - war and opposition divided China into three kingdoms - Shu, Wei and Wu, led by the warlords Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Quan. Although this tumultuous period lasted less than 100 years, it was so full of rivalry and epic conflict that it still remains one of the most celebrated eras in Chinese history!

Players take on the role of one of three warlords. They must lead their kingdom by building their own regime, develop new technologies, establish strategic alliances and create powerful armies in an attempt to control the three kingdoms and reunify the nation.

Features to look for are a unique multi-map system that allows players to switch map windows to keep an eye on the battlefield or on the overall mission; detailed graphics and animation; management policies related to tactics, such as Domestic Policy, Diplomacy, Sacrifice, Science and Trade; a special profession transfer system that allows players to change professions, for example laborer to sergeant back to laborer; an extensive tech tree that is composed of 100 items of technology extracted directly from the social reality of the Three Kingdoms; a realistic battle system and multiplayer over LAN and Internet.

Experience the thrill of being a heroic conqueror in one of the most chaotic war-ridden times of Chinese history. Check Strategy First website for more information.

About Object Software
Object Software Limited (“Object Software”) is a PC game developer, with a Studio in Beijing’s Haidian District that has 30 employees engaged in game production. Object Software has been operating in China’s capital since February 1995. Object Software specializes in PC games set in ancient Chinese historical contexts and is best known for “Fate of the Dragon,” a real time strategy game set in the famous Three Kingdoms Period of China’s history about 1800 years ago, which was released around the world by Eidos in March 2001.

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