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New Warcraft III Screenshots

by Rainier on Feb. 6, 2002 @ 4:54 a.m. PST

Another day .. another few screenshots from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. As clockwork Blizzard released some more, this time showing us a few Human Town screens ..

After recent losses, the Humans finally exact their revenge. A Human assault force led by an Arch-Mage lays waste to a Night Elf town. Steam Tanks can be seen using their wrecking balls against a Night Elf Ancient Protector. Steam Tanks can carry up to 4 ground units. Dwarven Rifleman can fire out of the Steam Tank, creating a mobile Bunker. When the Steam Tank is destroyed the units inside will bail out and survive the Steam Tank's destruction. Steam Tanks can also be repaired by Peasants, Orc Peons, and Undead Acolytes.

The Night Elf Huntress Hall is located in the bottom left. This allows the training of Huntresses and provides several upgrades. The Moon Well is located in the top middle. This building provides food and can replenish Mana. The Altar of Elders located above the two Steam Tanks allows the player to resurrect fallen Heroes. Wisps can be seen harvesting Lumber in the left portion of the screen.


The Humans prepare for battle. A Sorceress casts Invisibility on a Knight, perhaps to use him to scout the map. A Dwarven Mortar Team has recently been trained at the Workshop building. A Tower is being constructed to the right of the Town Hall. A Mage Tower is located to the left of the Knight. This building trains Elven Priests and Sorceresses. The Gryphon Aviary is located in the top left. The Arcane Sanctum is located left of the Gold Mine. This building houses the spell upgrades for the Elven Priest and Sorceress and has an upgrade that allows the Human Towers to spot invisible units.

Players might recognize the map as being a tribute to StarCraft's Lost Temple.

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