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Another WarCraft III Unit Revealed - Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 7, 2002 @ 12:03 a.m. PST

If it were not for the fact that these WarCraft III screens look so damn nice i would no bother to post them because Blizzard is REALLY going for the overkill. Releasing a few screens ever damn day, just give us the god damn game instead!

The Orcs have prepared a good defense for their town. An Orc Burrow guards the Peons mining Gold. The Witch Doctor has placed several Ancient Guardians around the town (they look like Cobras), which can attack hostile enemy units. A Tauren stands above the Orc Stronghold. To the right of the Tauren is an Orc Shaman standing below his Spirit Lodge. The Spirit Lodge is a building that allows players to create Shamans and Witch Doctors and contains the spell upgrades for those units. To the right of that building is the Beastiary, which trains Wolf Riders, Wyvern Riders, and Kodo Beasts. The Beastiary also has upgrades for the Wolf Rider, Wyvern, and Kodo Beast. To the right of the Farseer is the Tauren Totem, which allows players to train Taurens from the Barracks. This building also has an upgrade called War Stomp, which allows Taurens to sometimes do area effect damage when they attack. Orc Pig Farms are located in the top left.

New Unit : Farseer

Farseers are ancient Orcs who represent the pinnacle of Shamanistic power. These powerful Shamans are counted amongst Thrall's closest advisers and are constantly in tune with the workings and maneuverings of the Horde. Farseers are not only tied to the elements of the earth and sky, but are also adept at foretelling the future.

  • Far Sight

    Reveals the area of the map that it is cast upon. Also reveals invisible units.
  • Earthquake [Ultimate]

    Makes the ground tremble and break, causing heavy damage to buildings and slowing units within the area of effect.

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