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Ghost Recon - New Update Patch Available NOW!

by Rainier on Feb. 7, 2002 @ 1:09 a.m. PST

For some odd reason we missed this one earlier. Today UbiSoft released the update patch for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. The upgrade is a whopping 31 megs, get it HERE or click HERE. If you want to know ALL the goodies it fixes then read on ...


  • Overall game performance has been increased through the elimination of a number of memory leaks.
  • Sound should no longer "pop" on Creative SB Live! series cards on Windows 9x/ME
  • UI menu text is no longer distorted on computers with Voodoo 3 graphic cards.


  • Added the "Mipmap Textures" setting to the Graphics Options screen.


  • Made a number of map fixes to eliminate geometry holes and potential multiplayer exploits.
  • Eliminated a potential exploit caused by an ability to "peek" through some walls and objects under certain circumstances.
  • Enemy AI no longer automatically knows your location when you detonate a claymore.
  • Viewing only part of a replay will no longer keep that mission's specialist from being unlocked.
  • The vehicle destroyed by the airstrike in mission 8 now shows up as "out of action" on the command map.


  • Mouse sensitivity has been decreased when zoomed in to make sniping easier.
  • The problem where the reticle would be jerky at very high framerates has been fixed
  • Binocular zoom has been increased to 10x, and now zooms via the same controls that zoom rifles.
  • Sensor range has been increased from 30 meters to 40 meters to correspond with the warning dot on the Threat Indicator.
  • Improved the accuracy of the Threat Indicator.
  • Pathfinding through forested terrains has been improved.
  • An "Always Run" option has been added to the Gameplay Options screen.
  • An "Initial Rate of Fire" option has been added to the Gameplay Options screen.
  • A "Load Last Save" button has been added to the After Action screen to allow the user to load the most recent saved game point.
  • The "Next Selective" function in the Input Options screen has been renamed "Rate of Fire" to better reflect its purpose.
  • The MP5SD weapon information has been changed to reduce its lethality at longer ranges.
  • The L96A1 weapon information has been changed to increase its lethality at longer ranges.
  • A message will now alert the user if a specialist has been unlocked after completing a mission.
  • The mission name is now displayed for a few seconds in the upper-left corner of the screen after the mission is launched.
  • The "Toggle Command Map" function can now be bound to any key.
  • Improved multi-monitor support.


  • Added range-based error to enemy AI's firing to make their accuracy more realistic.
  • AI characters are now more "intelligent" when running for cover.
  • Enemy AI will use grenades for suppression more often.
  • Friendly AI will now behave more intelligently when they are fired upon.
  • AI teammates will no longer stand up when their Rules of Engagement are set to assault or suppress.
  • AI teammates will remain focused on their player-assigned cover arc instead of looking around.
  • When you switch out of a team that you've issued the "hold" command to, they will stay in place and not run for cover.
  • Friendly AI wingmen will no longer walk into the line of fire when your player is strafing sideways past cover.


  • The Ghost Recon game editor, Igor, has been fixed so that active mod settings are not lost when leaving the mods dialog.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a client tried to join a game where the server had an activated mod that was on the client but not active.
  • When activating or deactivating a mod, the highlighted mod will now be selected rather than the first one in the list.
  • Changes to a mod in Igor are no longer lost once the mods dialog is closed. Previously, the default mod settings were being loaded.
  • Activated mods will now always find the correct instance of a file to be used. Previously, a mod would only use one instance of a particular file name, causing problems with mods that have identically-named files.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a client joined a multiplayer game with a kit restriction, and then later tried to join a game with a different kit restriction.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with mods that have large number of multiplayer actor files.


  • Made a number of map fixes to eliminate geometry holes and potential multiplayer exploits.
  • When a platoon leader is killed during multiplayer, the command map will work correctly for the newly-assigned leader.
  • Chatting during multiplayer games will no longer cause key commands to be issued while chatting.
  • Observer mode will no longer be randomly reset in the Multiplayer Player Setup screen.
  • Server status is now displayed correctly to clients viewing the server list in the Multiplayer screen.
  • Fixed a multiplayer bug that caused a user to be listed in the in-game roster even if that user exited while the game was loading.
  • Cover arcs assigned by the server to a client will now appear on the client's command map.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause chat text to appear distorted under some resolutions and settings.


  • Character skins have been modified so that it is easier to tell teams apart in multiplayer.
  • Added the "Names" option to the IFF setting in multiplayer, which, when enabled, will display friendlies' names over their head at all times.
  • Changed a number of spawn points throughout several of the maps.
  • In-game chat messages now indicate whether they are sent to "team" or "all."
  • Improved the accuracy of the Threat Indicator.
  • Multiplayer Player Setup screen "remembers" your previous soldier and kit selection from previous multiplayer sessions.
  • A tab has been added to the client pre-game screen containing the briefing text of the selected mission/map and game type.
  • Special equipment checks are now done against assigned team members, instead of all players in game. If the equipment is missing, then the unassigned players are searched for the required equipment and a player with the required equipment is auto-assigned to the team. If no players have the required equipment, then the game will not launch and will display a system chat message to the players regarding the missing equipment.
  • In the Multiplayer Player Setup screen, chat typed by the server has been changed to white to differentiate it from other players.
  • In combat, chat typed by the server has been changed to blue to differentiate it from other players.
  • The Multiplayer Player Setup chat window now displays a countdown message for the five seconds before game launch.
  • Multiplayer After Action screen will now display a list with the names of who last shot whom.
  • All system chat text in the shell has been made yellow to stand out from regular chat. This includes auto-generated chat messages, such as the launch countdown, server setting changes, player join/exit messages, and voting progress/results.
  • If a user enters an incorrect password when trying to join a multiplayer game, a dialog will pop up and allow the user to attempt to re-enter the password correctly.
  • Players that start a game as an observer can use the Page Up/Page Down keys to cycle through all players in the game.
  • At least one non-observer player must be in a multiplayer lobby for the game to launch.


  • The server now validates players' kit selections based on the current kit restrictions.
  • Eliminated a number of lag-creating issues in the dedicated server.
  • Replays have been disabled in dedicated servers to eliminate a potential crash.
  • Saved server scripts will now launch the correct gameplay mode.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause game servers on a dial-up connection to crash under laggy conditions.


  • Added a server check to ensure that the client's map files are identical to the server's.
  • The server now has the option to cancel an in-progress vote and launch the game.
  • Server information is summarized in the chat window after the server settings have been edited.
  • Changed the Multiplayer interface so that loading a saved server script is more intuitive. Clicking Okay now accepts a new server script and clicking Cancel will cancel the selected server script.
  • Server game passwords are now stored in the saved server scripts and will be enabled when the script is loaded.
  • CPU usage of the dedicated server has been streamlined.
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