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Nightcaster (Xbox) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on Feb. 7, 2002 @ 10:16 p.m. PST

Nightcaster is a fast and furious action adventure game featuring intensely addictive real-time spell combat and exploration. You play as Arran, a young boy chosen by the force of Light, who grows in age, skill and magical powers as he progresses throughout the game. Throughout his quest, Arran must find and learn over 40 different spells for combat against more than 30 different types of enemy creatures. Arran’s ultimate goal: to defeat the forces of Darkness and bring light back into the world.


  • Stunning spells – Nightcaster features over 40 spectacular 3D spells from four schools of magic – Light, Dark, Fire & Water. Use these spells strategically in combat for maximum effectiveness.
  • Unique control mechanism – Using the dual analogue controls, players can control Arran’s movements independently from The Orb. This provides gamers with the ability to cast spells in any direction while simultaneously moving in another, creating an intense, fast and furious gameplay experience.
  • Character evolution – Throughout the game, Arran evolves through four ages – child, young adult, middle-aged and elder. As Arran ages, he acquires new spells, growing ever more powerful while at the same time experiencing a decline in his physical capabilities.
  • Rich environments – The beautifully detailed 3D world is vast with a variety of different lands, from the depths of the Buried City to the shimmering halls of the Ice Fortress. Each is replete with dynamic lighting and shading and particle effects that take full advantage of the graphics power of Xbox. Further enhanced by dynamic music using DirectMusic advanced features, the environments become an even more immersive experience than ever imagined.
  • Unique enemy behaviour – Over 30 types of enemy creatures provide an added challenge and make for an increased adventure! Each creature in Nightcaster has his own unique behaviour and abilities and each will respond to different spells in different ways. Additionally, many creatures are designed to work together in groups while some creatures are designed to deliberately interfere with each other. These elements combine to provide an exciting combat experience throughout the game.
  • Engaging exploration and storyline – Nightcaster also delivers a compelling story within a detailed world, providing gamers with an adventure as well as action experience. Interact with friends and other NPCs as the story evolves across the many environments. Each NPC will draw the gamer deeper into the world and the story and present quests and clues to help develop Arran into a powerful wizard.
  • Addictive spell combat – Gamers can choose brute force or smart tactics when they select the appropriate school of magic and spells.

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