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An Advertising Campaign To Die For

by Rainier on March 14, 2002 @ 5:55 p.m. PST

Commercial messages are set to appear on gravestones across the UK as the first advertising campaign to take place on memorial plaques is today announced by video games company Acclaim Entertainment. Tombstone advertising will form a key element of the marketing campaign for its ShadowMan: 2econd Coming game being released this week on PlayStation 2.

The company is inviting relatives of the recently deceased to contact them if they are interested in subsidising the costs associated with death in return for a small advertisement promoting the cult ShadowMan game. The video games company then plans to erect small billboards and sponsor the headstones of the subsidised dead as a permanent advertisement.

The ShadowMan 2 game allows players to journey to the Deadside as they adopt a character, Mike Le Roi, who seeks to do battle against evil. The imagery on the tombstone ads will feature Le Roi and the game's logo.

Shaun White, Communications Manager at Acclaim, said: "The concept of what we're calling 'Deadvertising' is entirely consistent with the theme of the ShadowMan 2econd Coming game and provides us with a permanent presence for our advertising. Content and context are two important principles of marketing ShadowMan."

The company is expecting a rush of enquiries for ShadowMan "deadverts" on gravestones. The company anticipates that it will prove popular with families who could not have otherwise afforded a fitting send off for loved ones.

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