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'Warlords Battlecry II' - 1.02 Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 16, 2002 @ 12:45 a.m. PST

Ubi Soft opened the official site Warlords Battlecry II just in time for the release of SSG's isometric fantasy RTS sequel earlier this week. The site offers the usual foray of game information, screenshots, a FAQ and more. Also, the first patch is now available to upgrade the game to version 1.02, and the 3.0 MB download includes a couple of gameplay changes, several multiplayer improvements and some bug fixes as listed on the patch page. Get the patch HERE or off the official Warlords Battlecry II website. Read More to get info on the specific fixes/updates this patch has in store for you
  • Fixes a crash that occurs occasionally on about 3% of PC's when upgrading a Keep to level 2.
  • Fixes one Freeze in multiplayer that happens on rare occasions when the system is flooded with messages.
  • Accommodates some changes to that were made after the game went gold. If you try to play a game with 1.00 on, you may experience
    incorrect submission of scores for the rankings table and/or random disconnections during play.
  • Adds some extra help text for victory conditions.
  • Improved frame rates in big battles.
  • Heroes cannot be told to convert before a multiplayer game has actually started (ie while the 'waiting' cursor is displayed). Doing this could sometimes result in the death of the hero before the game had even started!
  • The game no longer freezes in certain maps (such as Daemon Central) while playing against a Passive side with an unusual victory condition such as Fortress
  • A text bug has been fixed for the Portal. It now correctly reads Army Limit +4.
  • Added Crystal cost to the Panoply upgrade for Fey (for balancing them out).
  • Fixed a bug in Campaigns that did not let certain players attack a Goblin Mountain.
  • Version 1.02 games can now no longer see 1.00 games for multiplayer. This was necessary, since these versions are incompatible for multiplayer.
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