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Unreal Championship (xbox) - Screens

by Rainier on March 16, 2002 @ 11:46 p.m. PST

Those leprechaun's over at Infogrames send us some screens .. some new and a few we seen around already ... either way they threatened to torture us horribly if we didnt post them .. afraid as we are .. check them out .. ;)

It is the far future. Mankind has expanded into the vast reaches of space, colonizing worlds and encountering alien races. In an attempt to quell unrest off world, the
Tournament was introduced. This was a method of disposing of the unwanted, the insane, and the rebellious and of testing the mettle of warriors in combat. Like the
Gladiators thousands of years before, warriors were sent into arenas with a range of weapons and only their wits and reflexes to protect them. Now, an Empire has taken control of all mankind; modeled after the Caesars of Rome, it is without pity or feeling. However, it sees the value of the Tournament — it controls the mob and through survival of the fittest, provides the Emperor with hardened warriors to act as his elite Praetorian Guard . The player character s Grandfather is wrongly arrested and has either been sent to die in the mines or has been executed. To exact revenge, the player joins the Tournament to fight his way to the top, join the Praetorian Guard and kill the Emperor.


  • 30 original and exotic indoor and outdoor environments, each featuring jawdropping dynamic volumetrically lit particle systems (translation — it looks damn good)
  • Brand new highly individualized characters with their own abilities and origins featuring high polygon counts and high-resolution textures
  • 5 Alien races with unique appearance and characteristics
  • 11 all-new weapons and updated favorites
  • Frenetic new game modes and tried-and-tested favorites
  • Barrel through the terrain atop land and air team-based vehicles
  • Battle your friends with out-of-the-box Internet play allowing up to 32 players to face off online in a single match (subject to subscription fees)
  • Unlockable features — levels, characters, game modes and art galleries
  • High frame rate (60fps), even in split-screen mode


  • Massive Online campaign — dedicated website.
  • Specialist and Lifestyle Press PR.
  • Specialist and Lifestyle advertising campaign.
  • SMS activity.
  • In store activity with Promo Videos, Demo Disks and Point of Sale.
  • Co-op activity with movies and music.
  • FMCG partners
  • Regional and National tournaments.

Release Date : September 2002

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