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Off Road : Wide Open (xbox) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on March 17, 2002 @ 2:12 a.m. PST

Get in and hold on! You are about to go off-road with the latest, greatest 4x4s the world has to offer. Every power-sliding, mud-slinging beast in Off-Road Wide Open handles just like the real thing. Off- Road Wide Open uses the latest and greatest technology to accurately simulate real-world driving and handling characteristics. Each vehicle has exactly the same suspension, steering control and performance as the real thing! The locations are actual places, with scenery realistic enough for a postcard. Drive through mud, snow, ice, sand, gravel, grass and rocks. Deserts, forests and mountains are just some of the terrains you will race across in the no-holds-barred, four-wheeling mayhem that is Off-Road Wide Open. The Xbox leprechaun's have gone totally nuts today ... i'm off for some cold beer!

Key Features

  • 53 Legendry trucks — Hummer, Chevy, Ford, Dodge + many more
  • Fully interactive environments — weather effects, rock slides and lava flows
  • Drive Anywhere Racing — Race anywhere through huge areas Moab, Utah, Yosomite, California and Big Island, Hawaii.
  • New exclusive Xbox modes — Massive Stunt Stadium + Race on the Moon.

Marketing Activity

  • Online campaign with gaming and motoring sites.
  • Specialist and Lifestyle Press PR.
  • Lifestyle advertising campaign.
  • In store activity with Promo Videos, Demo Disks and Point of Sale.

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