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'Realm Wars' Official Website & Demo Available - Screens

by Rainier on March 19, 2002 @ 1:56 a.m. PST

GarageGames announces the kick off of Realm Wars, the first GarageGames Community Project and Demo to be built on the popular Torque Game Engine (their modified Tribes 2 engine). Realm Wars will allow massive numbers of players to team up and fight battles in a real time, team based, FPS, action format. To prepare for battle, the player chooses a race, customizes his character's abilities and appearance with a wide array of weapons, armor and items. Characters can join simple team based skirmishes, controlled battles, or epic wars, with persistent stats kept on the player's performance. They us know that they've just launched their official website for Realm Wars and have a 6mb demo available that gives you an impression of what to expect ... and for that small a demo, i can tell you its packing some serious heat! read more for links and other goodies

"We have nearly ten thousand indie developers using the various GarageGames services such as our forums, resources, Marketplace, or the Torque Gaming Engine. A recurring theme is that many of them do not know where to start, or they want to work on a project where they do not have to do everything themselves. Realm Wars addresses this need, since GarageGames will lead the project, provide the vision, the technology and the infrastructure," said Jeff Tunnell, founder and President of GarageGames.

Mark Frohnmayer, GarageGames Co-Founder and former Lead Software Engineer for Dynamix's (a former division of Sierra/Vivendi Universal) Tribes product line says, "Our vision of Realm Wars is to be nothing less than the best and biggest on-line fantasy action game. We will use our Torque technology with its proven strengths in multiplayer online gaming, and leverage the enthusiasm and talents of our incredible GarageGames community to make this vision a reality. RW will allow epic engagements fought with ranged weapons and spells, but a particular emphasis will be placed on team based, hand to hand combat that is in-depth enough to allow close formation tactical battles.

GarageGames, a pioneering on-line game publisher at provides services such as a game developer job marketplace and a game making resource portal. However, it is best known for its historic agreement to sell and license the technology engine powering Sierra's Tribes 2 to independent game makers. The agreement allows GarageGames to get the source code into the hands of game makers around the world for the low price of $100 per programmer - providing them with an on-line marketplace to sell their titles, and giving them a chance to get their products published in the traditional "box retail" channel.

Homelan has an interview with Jeff Tunnel about Realm Wars

Get the 6mb demo HERE

Check out the official website HERE

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