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The Captain Speaks In Flight Sim 2002 - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on March 19, 2002 @ 11:15 a.m. PST

Just Flight have announced the imminent release of Captain Speaking 2002 for, you guessed it, Microsoft Flight Simualator 2002! This must be every airline enthusiast's dream - a unique set of 37 flexible airline flights using authentic ATC. With over 22,000 different voice recordings, varied weather and holding patterns, the flight conditions are different every time.

This proved to be one of Just Flight's most popular releases for Flight Simulator 2000 and this latest edition has been practically re-coded from the ground up to ensure full Flight Simulator 2002 compatibility. And it's not just flight simmers who think it's fab either...


An Air France First Officer who tested Captain Speaking said: "Captain Speaking is a realistic simulation of real world airline flights. You will have to keep your hands on the controls and an eye on the instruments in the same way as real world pilots do for sure. Some of the most impressive features are the interaction with the ATC, the need to read-back every instruction and the opportunity to request a new runway or flight level clearance. The background ATC really gives you impression that you are with other aircraft in the sky. The general procedures are very close to the real ones you actually have to fly in the real thing.

The many features give an accurate and real feeling for the flights. For example, having to take up a holding pattern when the traffic around the arrival airport is busy or the cabin crew apologising for any delay are the kind of details that give a genuine touch to your flights. When flying Captain Speaking you are soon occupied with your responsibilities on board. I would say that the only way to get more realism is to sit in the cockpit of a real plane!"

This amazing program takes Flight Simulator 2002 into another dimension. Experience airline flying with authentic ATC and a host of other unique features such as flights to and from over 30 worldwide airports. Release is scheduled for March 27th with a retail price of £24.99 (around 39 Euros). Full details at the Just Flight site.

Because the size of the files (around 600Mb) Just Flight say it has not been feasible to follow their normal policy of free downloadable upgrades (where available) on new sim versions of their add-ons. However Just Flight are offering upgrades of a new Captain Speaking 2002 CD-ROM and manual for a nominal fee to all registered owners of the existing version of Captain Speaking. See their site for details.

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