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Strategy First/Wanadoo Snag 'The Druid King' - Screens

by Rainier on March 19, 2002 @ 6:19 p.m. PST

French publisher Wanadoo, in association with the North American publisher Strategy First, announces it has concluded a deal with Sofia-based studio Haemimont Games to publish and distribute Druid King, its new real time strategy game. It will be released in Western Europe (except Spain) and Japan by Wanadoo, and in North America jointly by Wanadoo and Strategy First.

The game is scheduled for release on PC in the third quarter (tbc) of 2002.

After its recent deal with the Japanese developer Tecmo, Wanadoo is very proud of this new partnership with Strategy First, the American leader of strategy games, and Haemimont Games, the famous developer of Tzar. The agreement enhances the Wanadoo strategy to develop a worldwide net of partners who share its philosophy of delivering the most innovative and alternative games to people worldwide.

The opportunity to work with Wanadoo and Haemimont Games for the release of Druid King is very exciting for Strategy First. The partnership allows Strategy First to broaden their worldwide reach and add an innovative new title to the game market. Strategy First hopes that this is the beginning of a long term partnership.

Haemimont Games is impressed with the abilities of Wanadoo and Strategy First to deliver Druid King to a wide audience of gamers. The deal supports the company's vision to develop innovative products and opens new possibilities for future projects.

Druid King is a RTS that mixes strategy and role-playing elements, with online multi-player features.

The adventure takes place in ancient Gaul. Four mighty forces battle for power: the brave Gauls, the mighty Romans, the vicious Teutons and the mysterious Druids who `weave the patterns` that make nations prosper and states decay. Using various military tactics and strategy the player must control the actions of the Gaul hero Larax and lead him to victory. Find more on the Druid King website

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