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'UT 2003' Coming This Summer - 'Unreal II' Arrives For Christmas

by Rainier on March 20, 2002 @ 6:01 p.m. PST

We already knew this a few days ago, but here is the official announcement. Infogrames announces release dates for two of the most highly anticipated sequels in the Unreal family of action games. "Unreal Tournament 2003," who won numerous awards, is poised to deliver non-stop multiplayer action starting this summer. And, "Unreal II," sequel to the blockbuster hit "Unreal," will bring single-player story-based action to new heights when it ships this winter in time for Christmas.
"Unreal Tournament 2003," being created by London, Ontario Canada developer Digital Extremes, is a completely new incarnation of the hit game that has come to epitomise the gladiator blood sport of the future. The original game has enjoyed success as a team sport among rabid gaming fans and professional gaming leagues since
its release and Digital Extremes will continue the non-stop mayhem by delivering a fantastic multiplayer gaming experience utilizing Epic Games' state-of-the-art next generation Unreal Engine technology. "UT2003" takes players into more than 30 action packed arenas, with over 50 highly individualised characters and an
intimidating arsenal of weaponry. Digital Extremes previously co-developed both the originals, "Unreal Tournament" and "Unreal" alongside Epic Games with James Schmalz, founder and creative director of Digital Extremes, co-designing both games.

"Digital Extremes is planning to blow the doors off the action genre when 'Unreal Tournament 2003' ships this summer," says Schmalz, "The original 'UT' has maintained
a strong fan-base over the past two years and we believe the all-new 2003 edition will more than satisfy the existing fans as well as attract new players to the game."

Schmalz added, "The new game types, special effects, weapons, player models, vastly more detailed arenas and improved artificial intelligence in 'UT2003' will redefine the word sequel."

"Unreal II," being created by Infogrames' Legend Entertainment, also uses Epic's next generation Unreal Engine technology to deliver intense single-player action. Featuring a compelling story, this sequel to the best-selling "Unreal" takes players to more than ten unique worlds where bizarre alien creatures and hordes
of tough enemy soldiers lurk around every corner. Between missions, players return to an orbiting ship where they rendezvous with crewmembers and prepare for the next battle.

For more information about all the Unreal games, please visit the UNREAL webpage

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