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Frogger: The Great Quest (PS2) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on March 20, 2002 @ 7:10 p.m. PST

Many Hoppy Returns! Frogger, one of the most enduring of the ‘old school’ classic video games, is to make a welcome return as Konami of Europe resurrects the amphibian hero for a new PS2 title: "Frogger - The Great Quest". Hop on over to the screens ;)

The original Frogger delighted arcade-goers and home gamers alike in 1983, with its titular hero hopping up screen as he avoided cars and lorries on a busy freeway. He then repeated the process by jumping on logs and hungry crocodiles as he tried to reach the safety of his lily pad home in Frog Town.

As we fast forward twenty years, however, we find both Frogger and Frog Town are barely recognisable from their original adventure, with Konami of Europe’s game presenting Frog Town as a sumptuous 3D world and Frogger himself benefiting from a wide range of new abilities. Frogger: The Great Quest also boasts a greater purpose than just crossing the road and getting home: our hero is seeking a Princess that, as in all good fairy tales, will kiss him and turn him into a handsome Prince.

17 stages stand between Frogger and his dream. He can now walk, run, jump, glide and even protect himself by spitting at adversaries – even perform the Frog-Fu martial art! - all of which come into play as Frogger traverses the swamps, valleys and castles that stand between him and his dream.

Frogger can also enlist the help of local creatures, but all is often not what it seems and Frogger must locate magical stones in order to defeat some of the more obtuse people he meets…

Developed across ‘the pond’ by Konami CE America, Frogger: The Great Quest is an engaging platform title for all ages – and will introduce one of video gaming’s hardiest heroes to a new generation of fans.

Frogger: The Great Quest is released for PlayStation 2 in May, priced £39.99.

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