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’Schizm: Mysterious Journey’ - The Reinvention Of The Adventure Game

by Rainier on March 21, 2002 @ 12:42 p.m. PST

Mindscape is proud to announce an exclusive publishing agreement with Project 3 Interactive for the adventure game ’Schizm: Mysterious Journey’ on DVD-Rom and PC CD-Rom. The popular adventure game has already been launched as localised versions across Europe and the agreement with Mindscape secures distribution of the English version in the UK and Ireland.
Mindscape’s Product Manager for Games, Simon Orams, stated, “Mindscape is extremely excited to have secured the exclusive UK rights to this incredible game. Since our decision to re-enter the games market, Mindscape has been striving to secure high quality titles that really stand out from the crowd.”

’Schizm: Mysterious Journey’ is a non-violent single-player innovation in the adventure game genre, with fascinating non-linear game play and stunning 3D graphics. Written by the highly acclaimed science fiction writer Terry Dowling and developed in Poland by LK Avalon, ‘Schizm: Mysterious Journey’ will literally keep you playing for hours on end, in this massive double DVD-Rom or 5 CD-Rom release.

‘Schizm: Mysterious Journey’ takes place in the year 2083 on the distant planet of Argilus. Ten months earlier, the first humans landed on Argilus finding a deserted world of towns, cities and industrial installations. Science teams were brought in to set up research bases, to try to discover what had happened. Four months later, a supply ship is sent to check on these bases, but when they are hailed from orbit, there's no answer. The science teams, too, seem to have vanished.

In what seems a cruel twist of fate, the supply ship’s systems begin to fail and the crew has no choice but to abandon ship. Both of the game’s protagonists, Hannah Grant and Sam Maloney, use their escape pods and land on the surface at different locations and, it soon appears, also in different dimensions. Players can play both Hannah and Sam and will occasionally need to have them co-operating together to solve the mysteries ahead. ‘Schizm: Mysterious Journey’ offers a broad range of puzzles, including mechanical, logical, sound and inventory-based puzzles.

‘Schizm: Mysterious Journey’ is powered by the V-Cruise™ engine, allowing for an immersive experience and ultra-smooth, fast and effective navigation between hundreds of locations. The engine provides full 360o panoramic views in all locations, background animations and up and down glimpses and zooms. The navigation is entirely controlled by mouse movement, with one mouse button giving the player intuitive and smooth control.

The fast and high quality video compression technology allows for full screen, high-resolution video sequences featuring live actors in virtual environments. The game uses an advanced digital sound library and supports hardware accelerated 3D sound cards allowing for full 360o sound positioning. The ambient, non-distracting, digital soundtrack also changes according to the player's actions.

‘Schizm: Mysterious Journey’ will be released in Q2 2002 on PC CD-Rom and DVD-Rom.

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