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Octagon Entertainment Represents Walker Boys Studio

by Rainier on March 25, 2002 @ 6:28 p.m. PST

Octagon Entertainment has signed a representation agreement with Walker Boys Studio and is seeking a worldwide publishing deal for its debut title, Civil War: War Between the States. Brothers Eric and Chad Walker, who once served as conceptual artists and designers at Ensemble Studios, formed the development team in 1999 with the goal of creating computer games that raise game industry expectations.
The Civil War, which has served as the basis for countless books, movies, and interactive entertainment, is remembered as the most devastating war ever fought on United States soil. The compelling story of the war has been retold and illustrated worldwide for over a century in attempts to grasp the conflict that served as a model for other wars. Enter War Between the States, a 3D combat and strategy PC game with enormous scope that will open eyes and beguile intellects. War Between the States is designed to be the most accurate and realistic reenactment of war in computer game history.

Fort Sumter, 1861, the not-so-United States. Surrounding troops in recently seceded South Carolina devastate the struggling armies of the North, triggering a full-scale war. You must decide if you will command the Union troops of the North or the South's Confederate soldiers in all-out campaigns along the East Coast's vast terrains. You create the objectives and have the power to determine the fate of every battle, including the denouement, Gettysburg. Wage the entire crusade from beginning to end or select battles of your choosing. You make the war what you want it to be. Rewriting history is now at your fingertips.

Single-player options include Engagements (scenarios), Foray (deathmatches), State Campaigns, and the comprehensive Civil War mode. Players create their own objectives and choose from 70+ weapons and units to supply full-scale armies. Units range from infantry and cavalry to ironclads and mortars and operate on a true-to-scale terrain.

Chad Walker, CEO/Lead Artist for Walker Boys Studio, is excited about the strengths and ability of Octagon Entertainment. "The people at Octagon have been proving themselves for many years and I am pleased to be dealing with Octagon and its great staff of people."

Jay Powell, agent for Octagon Entertainment, is very pleased to be representing Walker Boys Studio. "Walker Boys Studio has the talent and passion to make a great game and I look forward to working with them on War Between the States."

Walker Boys Studio is an independent game development company with the goal of making the next generation of games.

Octagon Entertainment arranges worldwide financing, publishing, licensing, and distribution for developers and publishers of interactive entertainment products. Octagon has represented titles including Gothic, Fuel, Project Earth, Enclave, Patrician II, Rally Trophy, and Europa Universalis II.

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