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'Ghost Recon' Update Patch 2 Available NOW

by Rainier on March 27, 2002 @ 10:08 p.m. PST

Ubisoft just informed us that they have released a new update patch for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. This patch is compatible with the original Ghost Recon as well as the new addon Desert Siege. The patch will upgrade your current version to! You do NOT need to have update patch 1 installed prior to upgrading to the new version. Be aware that your version will no longer be compatible with Ghost Recon version (sales version) and with version (update 1). If you want to play with other players, they must also have upgraded to! This patch weighs in at a MASSIVE 43mb! Click "read more" for links and upgrade details.

Click HERE to download Patch 2 (


  • The rocket launcher is now also visible at the person, if he is not used
  • Limit of the campaign status files enternt
  • Support for additional mouse buttons added
  • Tolerance threshold for the IFF display increases
  • AI was improved
  • Ducked KIs will not no more try to the rocket launcher to switch
  • Input allocation modified, around trailers in the command card mode to fixed
  • Badges are not lost to no more, if one regards a Replay after the play
  • The automatic distribution of point of status distributes now all available points of status
  • Crash recovered, which was released by playing not selected Replays
  • Listing errors with delete recovered by Replays
  • Problems with the simulation recovered, which did not register fire bursts
  • A check inserted, so that the mouse is not lost
  • Name convention of the Sreenshot files modified
  • The binoculars animation improved thereby the binoculars in the same direction looks as the heading of the figure
  • Cosmetic modifications in the model of the M16m203
  • Easy improvements on some textures, like floor mat, headlights, vehicle shadows and carried articles executed


  • The voice of the third male team colleague was added
  • Option of sound of software added for older hardware (SoundInSoftware must be set on TRUE in options.xml)
  • Case noise playback revises
  • Sound effect positioning corrects
  • Heavy wind becomes now quieter in buildings
  • Many sound effects were improved
  • Sound transfer by doors revises
  • Improved vehicle and step noise


  • Interoperability to Desert Siege mission pack(DS server can be looked up now also with " the mp1 " Mod inactively)
  • A rank list, those by " B " to be addressed can was introduced and displays the current point number and the remaining time
  • Multiplayer uniforms are assigned now to the company and no more the course
  • In team against on purchasing plays the players can up-rise now on one of the three zones in the proximity of their Starbasen
  • The reon purchasing in singles matches does not platziert one any longer directly beside an opponent
  • Improvement of Multiplayer stability, in particular with high latency
  • Rematch added, so that the server can start the play fast again, by pressing on the back button on the Debriefing screen, if no more new players wait
  • HTML Statusreport added for the Debriefing (mission act htm)
  • Class-based combat statistics to the Multiplayer players added
  • The non--nicht-Feuerwaffen keep Shell figures now tidy in the hand
  • The possession of the central zone is displayed now by the company colour in the command card in Hamburg Hill
  • Cooperative mission miss because of insufficient explosive charges or rockets considers now reon purchasing and the Arcade mode
  • Unnecessary RESET in the Multiplayer Briefing recovered, which interrupted the Scrollen
  • Sserverscript COMMAND LINE option added, in order to give to the server parameter
  • Inability of Servers a new play to start if it the latter not to start could was recovered
  • Improved vehicle status updates in the Multiplayer and Replays
  • Protection from bad situation solution also freely verfuegbarar ammunition in the team and solo Multiplayer plays
  • Vehicle lights appear now clean on the Clients
  • Errors with the display der/des card/mission name in the Multiplayer Briefing recovered
  • To loop far away those it enable Cheat codes in the Multiplayer to input
  • Server crash with sensor firing in a reon purchasing play recovered
  • Cheat to around the corner look fixed
  • Cheat to internal message execute fixed.
  • Client releases recovered because of an inaccurate system clock flew
  • Geometry Cheats of the M14 mountain removes


  • Support for pellet rifles imported
  • Improved Mod support for new stringers, sounds, and shell diagrams
  • Possibility of the specification of the character Attachment model
  • Character standardisation added
  • The points of start status for the campaign can be determined
  • Arms values are now correctly treated, if them in the combat model consider become
  • Support of several de-energised Hero sets added
  • Memory leakage with Mod kits repaired
  • Multiplayer Actor files are now updated cleanly, if the Mods is active
  • Any longer repeated campaign statistics under same name cannot be created
  • Kits can now of the Mods system will overwrite
  • The Mod adjustments are reset automatically now to standard, if no file for the Mod adjustments is found
  • The active Mod display was again written, in order to prevent the shell Crash
  • The sound volume wordprocessor had now improved Mod support
  • The colour of the command card zone can be changed now by a Script
  • The company colours can be changed with a Script
  • The display of round zones on the command card was corrected
  • The campaign Outro videos can be specified now with a Script


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