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Disciples II Patch v1.1 to v1.2 Available NOW

by Rainier on March 28, 2002 @ 9:07 p.m. PST

Strategy First just let us know that they have released a new update patch for Disciples II : Dark Prophecy. This patch incldes some new maps, AI improvements, some editor updates and plenty more ... you NEED to have Patch v1.1 to successfully upgrade to v1.2 .. click "read more" for links and the full details on whats changed/updated.

Click here to download the Disciples II v1.2 Patch

Or download from the official Disciples II website


  • New Instant-Resolve feature speeds-up battles time.
  • Player-specific Auto-battle in Hotseat play.


  • New turn summary displayed at the beginning of each turn.


  • To prevent players from disconnecting when the Escape key or Back button are pressed, a confirmation window will appear.
  • Prebuilt structure correspond to the selected Lord.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This version (v1.2) will not let you start a multiplayer game with someone running an older version (v1.0 or v1.1) of Disciples II.


  • AI is less likely to break an alliance.


  • Two new map sizes available: 120 x 120 and 144 x 144.
  • A new shortcut (CTRL+L) allows you to quick-load the save game from QuickSave. The QuickSave (Q) does not work in multiplayer (except in hotseat play).
  • A new button in the isometric view displays resources at all times.
  • A new feature in the party management interface prevents units from upgrading into the next type of unit in an upgrade branch. The target unit will continue to gain experience, and it will move up levels, but it will not gain the abilities and attributes of the higher level unit.
  • Capitals that have been captured will appear damaged on the isometric map.
  • The number of turns required to reach a destination is now displayed next to the unit's path (it can be turned off in the Configuration Editor).
  • Leaders can be reequip before they are exported at the end of a saga
  • Animations during the AI's turn can be turned off to speed up the AI turns (in Options screen).
  • Scrolling text now appears at the end of a quest in the Sagas (debunk screen).
  • Tooltips now display keyboard shortcuts.
  • If the game requires player input (battle, beginning of turn, diplomacy message...) and it is not the active application, the game's window will flash in the taskbar until you return to it.
  • Version number is displayed in the main menu.
  • The intro can be turned off in the Configuration Editor.
  • Patch info file is copied to the game folder.

Scenario Editor:

  • Debunk "win" and "lose" text can now be edited.
  • Terrain, mountain and tree buttons have been updated.

Bug fixes:

  • Export leader at end of saga also exports equipped items.
  • Players can no longer be kicked-out in multiplayer games during battles.
  • Alliances are broken when an event sets the relation to anything other than peace.
  • Sound and music volumes are disabled properly in the option screen when disabled in the Configuration Editor.
  • Units don't lose boosts/lowers/banners when they are transformed or have a level drained.
  • Moved the ability icons in the city screen so that they don't overlap the gold icon.
  • Unit acknowledgement volume is set correctly when restarting the game.
  • Caret displays properly in the edit box of the chat interface when it is empty.
  • Edited the description of the Holy Artifact.
  • Aligned title of Ruin encyclopedia in the Scenario Editor.
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