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'Hooligans - Storm Over Europe' Finally Goes To The UK

by Rainier on March 4, 2002 @ 6:05 p.m. PST

This is the game they could not ban. Developed and wholly funded by Dutch fledgling Darxabre, Hooligans - Storm over Europe is essentially a PC CD Rom. Semi spoof on football hooliganism. It is a real-time strategy (RTS) game set now (not in some distant surreal stupid past world) dealing with the real problems of modern day society.

The game revolves around units which the player controls, the said Hooligans. You as a supporter and leader of the most fanatic firm attempt to gain top dog status in the euroleague.

SOE contains some comic and some sinister characters who fight their way with opposing fans and the police. This denouement does not really convey the real essence of what Football Hooliganism is all about, which makes this product doubly unique. Amusingly there is a AVI sequence in between each completed level, a home made video scripted with substance and humour. It is the Spinal Tap of a new genre. A fuckumentary, if you like...

Darxabre generated massive interest at ECTS 00 and ECTS 01, but found that publishers were willing to talk big, but in the final analysis were unwilling to take the product on. Even controversy specialists Take 2 could not back themselves to publish it. Through a group of friends, Darxabre's CEO, Jason Garber self-published the product in Holland and Belgium. Faced with retail resistance especially from larger publicly owned chain stores, Hooligans bucked the odds and entered the Dutch charts at number one, outselling Return to Castle Wolfenstein, The Sims- Hot Date and Black and White Creature Island in the process three weeks ago.

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Hooligans is set to repeat this success in the UK, as the same network of contacts have helped Darxabre launch the product on the 8th of March. Whilst the major retail chains and key trade distributors have shied away from Hooligans, burgeoning distributor Vision has taken the initiative and will stock the product. A spokesman from Vision said, "Here at Vision we have a simple aim. Give the public what they want, not what they get. Hooligans addresses sensitive issues for sure, but is no more valid or invalid than the endless WWII sims which address the ultimate human failure -­ organised warfare".

Unexpected support for Hooligans came from the BBFC, who despite media pressure, have awarded an 18 certificate. Jason Garber commented, "this decision restores our faith in the British sense of fair play. Hooligans may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is a cracking game, full of humour and gameplay and should be made available to the British public at the very least. I mean no one is forcing you to buy it, but to have choice is surely what you Brits are known for?"

Incidentally rumours abound on the internet that the notorious football hooligan Paul Carrow who now resides permanently in Spain is involved in some way with the funding of the product. It must be stated that these rumours are only rumours and Paul is not available for comment under any circumstances.


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