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ELSPA Comments On 'Hooligans - Storm Over Europe' - New Screens!

by Rainier on March 5, 2002 @ 7:06 p.m. PST

Computer game 'Hooligans', developed by Dutch company Darxabre has launched in the UK today, aimed towards the huge adult market for computer games. Less than 1% of such games are rated as 18 by the ELSPA or BBFC rating systems. Clearly, computer games are not just for kids. There is now a massive market for games, which appeal to adults on the basis of their levels of difficulty and challenge, not because the graphic content is of an adult nature. Personally .. i think the ELSPA and BBFC are a bunch of whinebags .. but hey .. thats just me .. Now lets knock the s**t out of the other team ..

ELSPA represents the interests of UK publishers of computer and video games. Hooligans was developed in Holland and the developers, Darxabre, found it impossible to get any ELSPA members to take it on and distribute it in the UK. The reasons were twofold: it was not viewed as being a good game and the content was seen as contrary to the ELSPA code of practice. Darxabre have appointed a non ELSPA member as a UK distributor and they have correctly submitted the game for BBFC classification.

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The fact that none of ELSPA's members wished to handle the game in the UK clearly illustrates the levels of social responsibility that they maintain in the content of games for consumers. Hooligans is, therefore, not a game with which the UK games industry wishes to be associated, and we regard it as unfortunate that it has obtained distribution here, and in doing so, is tarnishing the responsible attitudes to game content adopted by all ELSPA members.

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