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Stung! - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on March 6, 2002 @ 8:10 p.m. PST

STUNG! is a unique new slant on the first person 3d action kill ‘em up, offering groundbreaking new gameplay elements, incredibly realistic environments and a cast of crazy creepy crawly characters! The game reminds me of "A Bugs Life" with bugs on the warpath. Must be Good!

Since the fifties the military had been using top secret scientific research to explore the possibilities of using insects as weapons of war. Undetectable by radar, able to access high security facilities, carry viruses and even in some cases able to survive a nuclear blast, the potential was enormous. However, as the cold war came to an end and funding became more difficult to come by, the top brass decided to end the project, shutting down the laboratories and transferring scientists to other more necessary research.

However, deep in the basement of a long abandoned research station something stirred……..


You are an insect!….

A heavily armed, ready for action killer bug………with a bad attitude!

Choosing from one of up to twelve characters the player must battle his way through a variety of realistically modeled levels, each based on familiar environments. As well as fighting his way through hordes of gun toting enemy bugs the player must also avoid other dangers that could seriously damage his health; steam from boiling kettles, inescapable spider webs, extremely sticky flypaper traps and of course the deadly bug spray! Of course, being able to fly does prove to be extremely useful in avoiding these hazards and getting up to hard to reach places, where there may be a hidden weapon or power up just ripe for the taking.

For multiplayer gaming the player will be able to take part in both death matches and team games – capture the flea and protect the queen. Multiplayer gaming also offers great potential for further add-ons and downloadable new skins, player models and levels, creating future longevity for the game.

Features :

  • Unique viewpoint 1st or 3rd person shooter
  • Ability to fly for short periods
  • Ultra realistic environments
  • Original characters and weapons
  • Different friction surfaces
  • Comedy and violence!
  • Spin-off merchandise potential – toys, cartoons, comics etc
  • Exceptional potential for future add-ons/mods
  • Interactive/deformable environment
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