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Combat Jet Trainer - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on March 7, 2002 @ 5:14 p.m. PST

Forget the antics of Tom Cruise, this is what jet combat school is really like... guaranteed to take your breath away! There's never been a pilot in the air who could survive without training, and a huge number of the world's modern 'Top Gun' fighter pilots learned their skills in the same incredible machine.
The TLK-39C Albatros was developed in the late 1960s by the Soviet Air Force to train their pilots in the deadly art of modern aerial warfare. The Albatros and its 'aggressor' variant, the L-39ZA, has since been exported to many countries around the world and is now the most popular jet trainer ever built.

Using software originally developed by actual jet combat pilots to train Ukranian Air Force pilots on the Albatros, Combat Jet Trainer is without doubt the most comprehensive and accurate expansion for anyone who wants to learn to fight or fly in Flight Simulator 2000/2002 or Combat Flight Simulator 2.

This fantastic package includes both variants of the Albatros, modelled to extremely high level of detail and with panels that would make any Soviet 'Top Gun' feel at home.

This is what one early online report said of the download version: "I refuse to call this an add-on because it just doesn't do it justice. This is a sim within a sim. From the flight manual, maps, planes and scenery you get a complete package. Well worth your money."

Combat Jet Trainer comes with extremely accurate scenery of Konotop Air Force Base in The Ukraine, plus both a full printed and interactive manual on the CD that will guide you through every facet of these complex aircraft.

Combat Flight Simulator 2 users also get the chance to try their skill in the combat arena with 20 detailed missions that cover combat training, combat manoeuvres, interceptions and ground attack.

When Tony Blair said that the three most important things were "education, education and education", he could well have been talking about Combat Jet Trainer, except it was never as fun as this… Get your name down for the only school that counts when you've got the enemy on your tail!


Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2 OR Flight Simulator 2000 OR Flight Simulator 2002

Pentium II 400MHz PC, Windows 95/98/ME/XP, 64Mb RAM, CD-ROM Drive, 16Mb 3D Graphics accelerator card, Sound card


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