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'Disciples II: Dark Prophecy' Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 7, 2002 @ 6:26 p.m. PST

Strategy First announced today the release of a patch for their critically acclaimed turn-based fantasy/strategy game, Disciples II: Dark Prophecy. "read More" to check the new features/fixes and download links for the 1.1 Update patch (16mb).

Get the patch Off WP server HERE

Get the Patch off the official page HERE

Since the game's release in late January, critics and gamers alike have been amazed and dazzled by the Disciples experience. The beautiful artwork and depth of gameplay have earned the game accolades from gamers around the world.

The development team has addressed some multiplayer issues and added several new features to make the gameplay even more rewarding. Here is a list of elements the patch includes;

New features:

  • Added several new battle backgrounds
  • Added Quest Log to allow players to review previous quest messages
  • Added chat messages over all interfaces, not just over the isometric map
  • Added encyclopedia for leader abilities in various screens
  • Added Direct3D support to Configuration Editor utility
  • Added new popup message before battle when human player gets attacked in Hotseat
  • Added ability to save game during any player's turn in Hotseat
  • Added ability to capture capital cities without ending the game automatically in multiplayer/Hotseat
  • Added ability to ally with human players easily
  • Added ability to chat from within the battle interface
  • Toned down the "easy setting"


  • Fixed sound interruption problem in game cut-scenes
  • Fixed a few crash bugs
  • Fixed other minor bugs
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