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Disney’s Donald Duck: Quack Attack (GameCube) - Screens

by Rainier on March 8, 2002 @ 2:13 a.m. PST

UbiSoft send us 10 screens to showcase Donald Duck's debut on the Gamecube. 'Donald Duck: Quack Attack' is one of the first Ubisoft titles to hit the European market since its initial release earlier this month. Njoy!
Daisy - the world-well-known Reporterin - would like to make photos of Merlocks for imaginary kingdom! It comes into the shank of the bad Zauberers. Immediately Donald starts the release of its heart page Daisy.

Donald must react fast: its cousin and eternal competitor Gustav goose planned to release Daisy before it! Who can win Daisys heart?

A Gameplay, which follows Donalds gushing temper! At the beginning of each level Donald expects that everything runs smoothly. The things run however always differently! If it is met in the play by an opponent, then it runs Amok and destroys everything that comes it into the way!

  • 5 worlds: Duck-live, the Spukhaus, the Inkatempel, the rock forest and a Warp zone (Daniel of nozzle impulse Teleporter)
  • With the world-famous characters: Donald, Daisy, which nephews tick, trick and TRACK and many more...
  • 6 breath-taking levels in each world!

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