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'SuperPower' Update Patch v1.01 Available NOW

by Rainier on April 11, 2002 @ 5:39 p.m. PDT

Dreamcatcher just informed us that they have just released the first update patch (v1.01) for their recently released game "Superpower". The new patch fixes some manual issues, AI fixes and plenty more .. Read more to find a detailed list and links where to grab this 4mb beauty!

Get the Superpower v1.01 Update Patch off the Worthplaying server

Get the Superpower v1.01 Update Patch directly the Dreamcatcher

Version 1.01 modifications

  • All savegames can be reloaded, including those that used to crash
  • We believe we've isolated the CTD bug at turns 30-60 and it shouldn't happen anymore
  • Tutorials 2, 3 and 5 fixed
  • AI trained more
  • Mouse locked in the production bars in the city theme
  • The editor can specify the owner of the country
  • In SUPERPOWER.CFG, you can specify to turn off gamma, music and sound effects
  • Fixed the way the international fund was giving money
  • Fixed the construction display in city theme
  • Can no longer break the war treaty
  • Don't say the type of strategic missile in the newspaper anymore
  • Certain player's actions weren't registered if no city were selected
  • Can now launch any type of strategic missiles
  • Fixed the canadians trade of meat
  • Not everybody will refuse to trade units
  • Strange behaviors with prices and CTD when designing units fixed
  • Population unrest diminished, and winning battles help boost public support
  • "show all" button in military theme now available for countries with only one city
  • Gen_EHE now grabs a screen every pass to monitor process
  • The US can now build M1A2
  • Loading saved games doesn't revert time back to january 1st
  • Changed the way the AI moved it's troops, and imposed limits in distance for smaller countries
  • Other countries don't start with american missiles and bases
  • In the tactical combat screen, can now select units when the control popup is closed
  • The relation bar is moving more
  • Building a base in countries who didn't have any doesn't give strange resource and production values
  • In some instances, declaring war didn't take out the cease-fire treaty
  • Fixed the CTD when clicking on certain water navpoints in the city theme
  • Music continues on the new game screen
  • Cancelling an SS action in the same turn it was created now works
  • Technology financing for certain countries were locked at 0
  • Keeps city features construction progress in saved games
  • Draws the Radiation level when entering the strategic warfare screen
  • Resets the radiation level upon starting a new game
  • Fixed the missile update when building non-nuclear strategic missiles
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