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'Stealth Combat' Site Update - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on April 16, 2002 @ 2:05 a.m. PDT

In 2038, a war rages between the EMA (Economic and Military Alliance) and the Great Empire. Comandeer over 20 vehicles for infiltration, reconnaissance, escort and combat missions. Read more for some screens and links to the trailer.

Get the 6mb trailer here (1min50sec Windows Media Format)

Get the 38mb trailer off DreamCatcher here (1min50sec Avi format)

Go to the Stealth Combat website

3D Action! Stealth Combat combines tricky tactics with fast action and a brilliant 3D engine. The cinema-like storyline, more than 25 missions, and detailed vehicle physics could make Stealth Combat one of the hottest game releases of 2002!


Jeeps, Choppers, Team Mates and Stealth Modes... The player drives jeeps, tanks, choppers, amphibic units and even walking vehicles. Accompanied by computer controlled team mates, he solves extremely hazardous and politically dangerous missions. During the mission he can switch his vehicle at any time and take over the control of a computer driven team vehicle. Often he can solve the missions by careful exploration of the area, sneaking towards the enemy and a fast and effective attack. Other missions are more fire intensive, and the player has to prove that he has the quickest finger on the trigger.

Complex story line.

Around the world. A complex story leads the player through the world of the next generation of Special Forces. In the role of special agent Streak (working for the Economic and Military Alliance) or female agent Moon (working for Great Asia), the player has to prevent a global conflict. Story and game are working hand in hand. A player who is not interested in the story will not have disadvantages in the game, but those who want to understand the whole big plot will enjoy the complex story.


  • Action nonstop
  • Fight, infiltrate, sabotate, guard
  • Support from wingmen
  • More than 24 vehicles that can be controlled
  • Missions around the globe
  • More than 24 missions
  • Fast 3D engine
  • Landscape generated from more than 1 million polygons (JARED Engine)
  • Night and day missions
  • Tunnels, caves, and mine complexes
  • Complex background story
  • 2 different story lines
  • Movie-like atmosphere
  • Thrilling music
  • Many different sound and speech effects

So don't wait no longer and join the Special Forces!

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