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Droopy’s Tennis Open - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on April 16, 2002 @ 5:32 p.m. PDT

Droopy, McWolf, Bubbles Vavoom and their wacky sidekicks are ready to compete in the craziest tennis tournament ever seen! Coming this june to a GameBoy Advance near you .. check the screens!
For the first time on Game Boy™ Advance, you can choose to be:
  • The unflappable Droopy Dog, whose legendary composure often leads to The vivacious McWolf, the unscrupulous public enemy number one;
  • The superb blonde glamour girl, Bubbles Vavoom, prepared to unleash all her charm to win first place in the tournament;
  • The formidable Butch, this semi-goofy dog is endowed with prodigious strength;
  • Screwy Squirrel, the puzzling and completely off-the-wall squirrel;
  • Dripple, Droopy’s son, is every bit as nonchalant as his father and an outstanding tennis player...

These six opponents will stop at nothing to win the tournament, since the colossal prize will allow the winner to achieve his or her most far-fetched dream! Droopy dreams of renovating his house; McWolf wants to buy a luxury car to win the heart of the ravishing Bubbles Vavoom; as for Butch, victory would open the door to a career in lyrical opera!
The serves, backhands, lobs, smashes, volleys… Let the games begin for these crazy cartoon characters!


Droopy’s Tennis Open offers players two different game modes for an unequalled game lifespan. Children and adults alike will delight in competing against their opponents, either according to the classic rules of tennis or in cartoon mode! To distract, taunt and even attack a rival, each player has fun traps and bonuses including hilarious special attack moves: time bombs, multiple balls, a giant net, hammer-rackets, steam rollers, springs, meteorite balls, cages and even pink hearts for Bubbles Vavoom!

  • 6 playable characters, each with his or her own unique and nutty attributes.
  • 2 game modes: classic (official tennis rules) or cartoon.
  • 4 game types: quick game (random characters and courts), Arcade (3 games, 1 set or 3 sets), Tournament (5 training sessions and 5 singles or doubles matches) and Multiplayer (3 games, 1 set or 3 sets).
  • Several different court types: Grass, clay, macadam and other amazing courts such as ice.
  • 6 original settings straight from the cartoon series: the Prison, the Wild West, the North Pole, the Restaurant, the Hanging Court and the Manor.
  • Bonuses, Traps, and Special Attack Moves for each character, which can be played throughout the tournament (in cartoon mode).
  • 1 or 2 players (in Multiboot mode with a single cartridge) or 4 players (in link mode).

Droopy one of the greatest Dog cartoons the world has ever known, is best recognized for his slapstick gags and hilarious adventures. This character is still being imitated today, over forty years after he was created. Droopy had been part of MGM’s theatrical cartoon line-up since 1943. After decades in show business, the beloved dog came to television as part of 1979's The Tom and Jerry Show. Additionally, 1990's Tom and Jerry Kids hosted a regular Droopy segment.

The Droopy & Dripple TV series is currently broadcast throughout Europe.

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