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New FPS 'Eden Eclipse' Announced

by Rainier on April 17, 2002 @ 11:34 p.m. PDT

Renegade Gods is currently hard at work producing its first title: Eden Eclipse, a 3D science-fiction game with RPG influence that utilizes some of today’s most advanced 3D technology. Featuring stunning visuals, a deep story and compelling characters, beautifully composed score and electronic soundtrack - Eden Eclipse is sure to be one hell of a game!

You’ll play Lt. Amber Hawke, battling through dozens of levels filled with intense alien fighting action set in a range of beautifully rendered 3D environments. Help Amber as she struggles to survive on the harsh planet Koron III, at the same time attempting to uncover its mystery and the truth about her own identity.

Eden Eclipse uses the Genesis 3D Engine. G3D is a powerful opensource engine with a strong development community. We plan to shift development to the next-generation "Destiny3D" engine, once it is publicly available.


Eden Eclipse is a science-fiction first person 3D action game set in the distant future. You take on the persona of a brave female soldier named Lt. Amber Hawke. Guide her through the perils of a harsh planet filled with dangerous creatures, unfriendly wastelands, and complex jungles. Along your way you will uncover the secret behind the mysterious red crystals as well as secrets of your own life and past. Eden Eclipse is not your normal gaming experience. This game will send shivers down your spine...


You play Lt. Amber Hawke, the impulsive and charismatic commander of a small but elite military unit as well as an exceptional pilot. Born in the metropolis Olymp, Amber joined the military at a young age and quickly made her way up the ranks, continually demonstrating great skill and aptitude in military arts. From time to time, we will release concept sketches and screenshots of our heroine. Visit the Files - section for further information.


In the 173rd year of a new world order, established after humans won the Great War against AHABs (Augmented Humans with Advanced Bionics), humankind is at another peak of civilization. The human race rests easy knowing that it is safe under the protection of a few mighty companies.

There are some early screens and artwork to be seen HERE

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