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Russian Publisher '1C' to Flex Its Muscle At E3 2002

by Rainier on April 17, 2002 @ 11:49 p.m. PDT

Russian publishing powerhouse 1C Company, today announces its slate of PC titles that will appear at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. 1C will showcase its diverse line-up, which includes role-playing, strategy and racing at the company’s booth located at 6235 Kentia Hall.
Titles that will be exhibited at 1C Company’s E3 booth are Perimeter, Borderzone, R.C. Cars Spanking Runners and Jazz and Faust, all for the PC. One additional title will be officially announced at E3.

“1C Company has established itself in Russia as a leading software developer, publisher and distributor,” said Nikolay Baryshnikov, International Sales Director for 1C. “This 2002 line-up will position us as a major player in the North American and European Markets.”

Known most recently for the critically acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik, 1C Company will make its North American publishing debut with Jazz & Faust, a classic adventure game due to ship May 15, 2002.

A brief synopsis of each title follows:

  • Perimeter
    Release date: Q4 2002
    Genre: RTS
    Platform: PC

  • A real-time strategy game built on the concept of territory seizure; Perimeter offers a well-balanced combination of new terraforming principles and territorial wars with traditional strategy elements. The game merges proven principles of controlling resources and unit groups with a brand new game engine and well-conceived original game design.

  • R.C. Cars
    Release date: Autumn 2002
    Genre: Arcade Racing
    Platform: PC

    Players race through 10 action-packed, fun-filled tracks with realistically modeled, toy
    radio-controlled cars. Special gameplay features include championship mode, ghost mode and single player races against AI controlled opponents.

  • Borderzone (working title)
    Release date: Q1 2003
    Genre: RPG (Role Playing Game)
    Platform: PC

  • Borderzone is a role-playing game where players will have to form a band of brave adventurers to explore a huge interactive game world and face dozens of enemies in pseudo turn-base combat. This game features a non-linear plot that will lead gamers to various endings depending on which paths they choose.

  • Spanking Runners
    Release date: TBD
    Genre: Arcade Racing
    Platform: PC

  • An adventure/racing arcade thriller where players control crazy vehicles with amusing animated drivers and bright magic spells to make it through a series of fun-filled obstacle courses. Spanking Runners features several addictive modes of play including Real-Time, Turn-Based, Split Screen and Hot-Seat Competitions.
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