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This Is Football 2002 - Screens

by Rainier on April 18, 2002 @ 11:34 a.m. PDT

Sony is hard at work on the forthcoming release of the game that promises to deliver the most realistic and enjoyable footballing experience on PlayStation 2, This Is Football 2002. Licensed by FIFPro, the official world-wide organisation representing professional footballers, the game features real player names and skills. Players will now be able to take full control of their football heroes. Check the screens!
The graphical capabilities of PlayStation®2 have enabled SCEE Team SoHo, to map accurate facial likenesses of more than 250 stars of world football onto player models, giving unprecedented detail, allowing for fully animated expressions and bringing new levels of personality to the match.

Enhanced player Artificial Intelligence delivers a more challenging and tactical game of football. Combining this with realistic player animations, rewarding and balanced gameplay This Is Football 2002 will offer the most genuine and satisfying football gaming experience on PlayStation®2.

The player will feel deeply involved in the game because of the superb match atmosphere. The development team has managed to recreate the passion of the crowd, designing the game with an amazing level of detail: opposing fans sing, chant, wave banners, set off flares and fireworks and throw streams of tickertape, or slump with head in hands. The sampled songs and reactions even differ according to the location and the nationality of the crowd.

This Is Football 2002 offers a comprehensive choice of tournaments and leagues: every major international and club tournament, from European Championships right down to European and national club leagues and cup competitions.

Not simply the most comprehensive game around, not merely the best looking, This Is Football 2002 manages to capture the magic and passion of football at the highest level.

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