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TOCA Race Driver (PC/PS2) - Facts & Screens

by Rainier on April 19, 2002 @ 6:26 p.m. PDT

TOCA Race Driver brings the drama of real life touring car racing to PlayStation 2 and PC screens this summer. Gamers will really experience the aggressive close contact Touring Car races at a world class level when they become Ryan McKane, the game’s central character
It’s a first for the games market in blending a cast of fictional game characters with motor sport’s real-life teams, locations, championship events and drivers, including Yvan Muller, James Thompson and Matt Neal from the UK’s TOCA Tour.

While it’s Ryan’s ambition that’s placed him in the new race season, it’s the player’s race game expertise that will get Ryan past the chequered flag in pole position. As the player scores wins for McKane in races and championships, new managers attempt to poach him, other teams offer him an elevated place, better drives, and both allies and foes offer him advice.

TOCA Race Driver is currently in development at Codemasters with a team of 58 working on it and is set to launch on PlayStation 2 and PC in June 2002.

One driver, one world, one champion - the aggressive, white-knuckle drive of the global Touring Car challenge comes to the screens of gamers in Codemasters’ TOCA Race Driver.

Uniquely blending a cast of game characters with the sport’s real-life drivers, locations and championship events, TOCA Race Driver moves the racing game genre on by giving the player one central character to connect with and wraps the high speed action with cinematic presentation. It’s also set to be the only race game to feature high-impact collision damage on the world’s most expensive touring cars.

TOCA Race Driver features more licenses than any previous game in the series, enabling players to race the world over in championships such as Germany’s DTM Championship, Australia’s AVESCO V8 Supercar Shell Championship Series and the UK’s TOCA Tour.

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