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New 'Team Factor' Demo v1.3 Available NOW

by Rainier on April 19, 2002 @ 8:00 p.m. PDT

Man.. Its been demo heaven the past 24 hours or what? Just noticed over at Blues, that 7FX has just released a new version of the Team Factor demo, their upcoming team-based multiplayer shooter. Team Factor is a stand-alone multi-player action game designed with team play in mind. The games mission, environment and objective is inspired by the "shadow" military operations - whether real or fiction style. Read more for links where to grab this puppy.

Grab the Team Factor 1.3 off Worthplaying (110mb)

Grab the Team Factor 1.3 off 3DGamers(110mb)

Grab the Team Factor 1.3 off (110mb)

Team Factor by 7FX - playable demo beta 1.3

How to play Team Factor Demo #2 (Beta 1.3)

Demo 1.3 is a one level public internet and LAN multiplayer test, this version does not represent the quality of the final game.

7FX and Singularity Software welcome feedback, remarks and bug reports from the community in order to improve the game and accommodate user requests.


Download the demo, click on Setup and follow the instructions.

Starting the game

Click the Team Factor icon or Start menu entry, after the intro you'll arrive in the main menu.

How to start

  • Setup controls in main menu (Setup)
  • Select the desired game mode in the main menu (Multiplayer LAN, or Multiplayer Inet)
  • Change the player name (click on the original name, delete it, type new one and press the Enter button)
  • Once in Multiplayer LAN, or Multiplayer Inet screen, choose the Gameplay option below to choose the game mode.
  • Available modes are Arcade, Realistic, or Custom. See below for details, once you complete return to the map screen and select the Spa map in the left window, press the arrow to move it to the right window, or just double-click on it.
  • Then press Start to proceed to the game

Choosing the game mode

There are three game modes available:

1. Arcade - action mod, aiming with crosshair, Re-spawns (you can set the time in seconds - enter the value and press the Enter button), ID tags (when you aim
at someone), fixed pre-set level of skills for each specialization class, sniper rifle with zoom function (just hold the Right Mouse Button)
2. Realistic - RPG skills with character progression, aiming thru the "iron sights" (Right Mouse Button), the sniper rifle with pre-set magnification (as in reality)
3. Custom - You can mix the above options.

Choosing your character

Choosing the right character depends on your personnel preferences. The difference is not only in the weapons available to you, but also in the RPG skills setup. Please note that all three teams have different weaponry.

Once you have chosen you can start the game, or you join a game in progress, choose the Team, Specialization and Skin (Blue team have 5 skins, Red team 2
skins at the moment and Black team 3 skins available)


  • Soldier - great all round ability, armed with medium range assault rifle
  • Scout - suited for close range engagements, having light weapons, the Scout can carry lot of grenades but carrying a lot of weight will effect the stamina rating.
  • Sniper - Long range fire support, slow fire. Sniping is not easy in this game!
  • Specialist - very effective for fire support, the machine gun has a high capacity magazine (saving the reloads after each 20-30 rounds) and effective range almost matches the sniper rifle! Another good weapon is assault rifle with grenade launcher which has devastating power, but we have limited ammo to 3 grenades only.

Choosing your weapon and equipment

After you get into the game, you have only 15 seconds to setup your weaponry!

  • Press "6" button to access the weaponry display
  • Press number 1 - 5 to select what weapon, or equipment you want to get, change, or remove. Press the particular button to cycle between available weapons, or equipment in that category. (1 = primary weapon, 2 = secondary weapon, 3 = knife, 4 = grenades, 5 = special equipment)
  • For 1, 2, 3 and 5 category, what you see displayed is what you have. For grenades, you have to toggle between the grenade types to select, then "buy" it with "M" button, or drop it with "N" button. Choose from Frag T (time fused), Frag C (impact fused), Smoke and Stun grenades
  • For fulfilling the mission objective in level Spa, the Blue team will need to have at least one unit with the Handheld device for data download and one unit of C4 bomb to destroy the radio transmitter (both available as Special equipment), the Red team will need Handheld for the data download and sending radio message.
  • On the left, next to the weapon display, you can see a silhouette diagram showing how much weight your weaponry takes. If the diagram turn red, you are too heavy and you must drop items until it turns green again.
  • You may also drop items which you think you will not need, to make you lighter, or to make slots for grenades or other items.

Using your weapon and equipment

You can choose the right weapon and equipment depending on the character of a particular mission. There will be differences in tactics required to succeed if you are in a team defending an objective in an urban mission to one where you are in a team supposed to take your objective in the heart of enemy territory. Do not forget you are playing in a team where every player has a role and significance, and the goal can be achieved only by mutual effort.

Every weapon has a primary and secondary mode of use, but the availability of secondary mode also depends on the mode of gameplay the server host has chosen
(Arcade, Realistic and Custom). The secondary mode for firearms appears as a "sights" screen, where you can aim at the target thru simulated weapons sights, instead of just using the crosshair in middle of the screen. Most of the weapons have classic sights consisting of front and rear sights which must be aligned to line up with your eye and target, however the sniper rifles and some assault rifles do have an optical sight instead. The sights screen is not available in Arcade mode and is optional in Custom mode (with exception of optical sights which are available even in the Arcade mode, where they have an extra "zoom" feature enabling greater magnification than in reality represented in Realistic mode.

Secondary mode of use for grenades is the way you throw the grenade towards the target. Primary mode is representing by the over-arm throw, secondary mode represents an under-arm throw, which is more precise and more useful in confined spaces (clearing buildings, or throwing the grenade into smaller openings, etc.)

Secondary mode for knives and combat shovel is a throw, compared to Primary mode which is slash.


  • Radar - displays your teammates/enemy position at a distance according to your awareness skill level. If there is a Scout in your team, and he is in contact with the enemy, the enemy position will also be transmitted to your radar.
  • Stamina - displays how long you can run for. Depending on your load, stamina skill level and how long you have been running, the stamina bar will drop. It starts rising again once you stop, or slow down to walk. Be careful, if you run out of the stamina completely you will have to wait until it fully recovers again. It is advisable to slow down to walk if your stamina bar is low or turns red to let it rise a bit before you start running again. The advantage of this is that you can start running immediately in an emergency because your run ability is partially preserved - even if for a limited time.
  • Accuracy - according to your movement status, the accuracy may decrease. After you stop, you may notice the accuracy bar start gaining again so your shooting will be more precise with time you stop
  • Health - displays your health status, which is also affecting the level of your RPG. (30% health means, your RPG skills are effective only 30%)

In-game communication

You can use two-mode message chat, or pre-set commands which appear as a text and voice message.

  • Text messages can be sent to your team, or all players. You choose between the two modes by pressing the F6 button once for (team), or twice (all players)
  • Voice message works by pressing the F7 button to toggle between 4 pages of commands, then press 1 - 9 button according to your selection.

You can link the commands together at some occasions (1. "Request Specialist support" + 2. "Cover right flank")

Useful features

Taking screenshots in game:
Press the F8 button anytime in the game. Then find it in TF/data/snapshots directory

Please note: after each re-start, the game will re-write the files in the directory by over the new ones. To avoid loosing your snapshots you have to copy them to another directory before you start a new game.


Please make yourself familiar with the game controls in Setup menu and change them according to your taste! To check the actual keyboard setup while in-game, just press the F1 button.

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