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Trilunar's 'Dragonkind' - Q&A

by Rainier on April 2, 2002 @ 3:10 p.m. PST

Earlier today we revealed Trilunar's upcoming "Dragonkind" for the XBOX & PS2, now we give you some more detailed information in the form of a short Q&A ... if you have not read our previously posted announcement (and the included screens are a MUST SEE) check it HERE... or read more for the Q&A... Njoy!

What is Dragonkind?

Dragonkind is a 3D action adventure game for next generation consoles. It features game play similar to classic console platform games, while offering depth of story and character development similar to the best console role-playing games. It is a hybrid of both types.

What is the game story?

In Dragonkind, you play the role of a reluctant hero, a young man named Grail. Grail has a mysterious background that allows him to channel the powers of dragons. As you discover in the game, this can be a mixed blessing. A series of seemingly random events causes Grail to leave his home to go adventuring, but you soon find yourself wrapped up in a much larger story. The world is changing, strange things are occurring, and you find yourself at the center of a global struggle. The rest of the game story you will have to discover as you play the game.

What will the game be like?

Game play is very action-oriented. You run, jump, climb, and swim in the course of your adventures. There is a lot of exploration and a lot of combat. Game play is story-driven, yet non-linear. In other words, you always know where you need to go next, but there is room for exploration and you don't have to accomplish many things in a fixed order (and some things you don't need to accomplish at all). You can sit down and start playing the game instantly, and yet still be fascinated with it after days.

Is Dragonkind a platformer?

Much of the game play will be familiar to people who love action game play like that featured in the leading console 'platform' games of today. However, Dragonkind offers much more story and character development, and non-linear game play.

Is Dragonkind a role-playing game (RPG)?

Dragonkind features some of the best features of RPG's, like great story and characters, and character advancement over the course of the game. However, it has a stronger action focus than many RPG's, and does not get bogged down in statistics and inventory management. Dragonkind has great depth without being overwhelming.

What is the setting for Dragonkind?

Dragonkind is set in the fantasy world of Vermilion; a world created by Joe Madureira and the design and art team of TriLunar. In some ways it is a blend of many other fantasy settings, with some twists and turns inherently its own. There will be dragons and dragon hunters, snail folk, giant gophers, pirates and rogues, ships and trains, and an overall unique look and feel.

Why is the game called Dragonkind?

Without giving away too much of the mystery of the game, your past and your abilities are tied to the race of dragons that populate the world of Vermilion. This sets you apart from 'normal' people, and causes you problems as well as gives you tremendous advantages.

Do I get to play multiple characters?

In the game of Dragonkind, you will interact with many interesting characters and creatures. The game will be from the perspective of the main character, Grail, and you will only be able to directly control him, though you will be able to influence (and indirectly control) others through your actions. Many of the key characters in the game will be encountered several times over the course of the story, so you will come to know some of your friends (and enemies) very well.

What is Joe Madureira's role in Dragonkind?

Joe is the President of Creative Development for TriLunar. He initially created the game idea for Dragonkind, its world and main characters, and the game story. As the game has grown from a concept, it has been touched by many hands. It is Joe's responsibility to make sure that game development remains true to the original vision, that the look and feel of the game is accurately captured, and ultimately, that the game is fun to play. Joe doesn't sleep much.

Is Dragonkind a Battlechasers game?

Dragonkind is an original game property created in a new and original world. Battlechasers fans will be instantly familiar with the world because Joe Mad's style comes through immediately. In many ways, the game feels a little like a 3D, real-time, comic book. But the game setting and story are very different from that of Battlechasers.

What platforms will Dragonkind run on?

Dragonkind is being developed for the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2.

Is Dragonkind multiplayer?

Dragonkind is single player only.

Does Dragonkind have any online features?

We are currently exploring interesting online features that will be available to people that take advantage of the online networks of the Microsoft Xbox or Sony PlayStation 2. Details are confidential at this time.

Who is publishing Dragonkind?

We are talking to a number of potential publishing partners, but we have not made a specific commitment at this time.

When will I be able to buy Dragonkind?

Dragonkind will be released in 2004.

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