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OrangeArrows Virtual Reality Experience

by Rainier on April 22, 2002 @ 11:00 a.m. PDT

- The World's First Grand Prix Experience Drive - Orange today launches OrangeArrows Virtual Reality Experience - a unique interactive experience that allows fans to see, feel, hear and drive the OrangeArrows AX3 around the famous Magny Cours F1 circuit.
OrangeArrows Virtual Reality Experience is a first in innovation, and is part of the Orange commitment to provide new and different experiences to Formula One fans.

The OrangeArrows Virtual Reality Experience is a new concept using real film footage and digital technology, unlike most virtual reality experiences that use computer generated 3D environments. State-of the-art interactive helmet equipment and 'intelligent' technology enable the fan to control their specific view of the GP circuit, with OrangeArrows Virtual Reality Experience responding to the user's gaze by presenting the view the F1 driver sees, up to 220 degrees either side of the racing line.

Once the driver has the helmet on and the visor down, they are totally immersed in the environment of the real Magny Cours racing circuit. The real experience is enhanced as drivers sit in the monocoque of the OrangeArrows AX3 racing car.

The OrangeArrows Virtual Reality Experience start-screen takes the river from the adrenalin filled starting grid position into the race ith two thrilling laps of the Magny Cours circuit. Drivers are hallenged to try to beat the fastest lap time set by the OrangeArrows eam. While keeping control of the force-feedback steering wheel the driver is totally absorbed in the experience as their sensations are filled with the sights, sounds and motions of a real Grand Prix racetrack. The seat vibrates as the car takes on the chicanes and the distinctive sound of the F1 engine reflects the speed and pace of the race. For the driver that can take in anything else, all lap timings are displayed as data on the screen.

The OrangeArrows Virtual Reality Experience can be experienced for free. Its first appearance to the public will be on the OrangeArrows Experience stand at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona from 26th -28th April. It will also tour other Grands Prix circuits during 2002 and is available at various public events in the UK.

Denise Lewis, Group Director of Corporate Affairs, "Delivering new and exciting technologies and services for its customers has always been a priority for Orange. Today, Orange demonstrates its commitment to Formula One fans by enabling them to get into the driver's seat. The OrangeArrows Virtual Reality Experience is a world first, enabling fans to get a new buzz out of Formula One."

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