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Online Gaming Habits - Gamers Are Getting Restless

by Rainier on April 22, 2002 @ 11:04 a.m. PDT

GAME RESEARCH has published a new report on online gaming habits covering US, Canada, UK, and the Nordic Countries. The picture emerging is not pretty. According to the report, the gamers are highly troubled by cheating and lag no matter what they play. Furthermore, they are becoming more inclined to act on these problems by leaving the online game they play.

The growth on online gaming has not lead to fewer problems for the gamer and the report highlights why there is still much agony on message boards about online games. The gamers are getting restless and less loyal to the games they play. The increasingly competitive market requires even more focus on new strategies for creating loyal users. The gaming industry should look to other entertainment areas like sports and gambling for inspiration. The challenge is to make gamers more loyal by expanding the social aspects of playing in and around the game by using unorthodox methods like spectators, CRM, betting, and media convergence.

The hardcore online gamer is attracted by the entirely different universe offered by online gaming and the opportunity for meeting friends. Furthermore, the report points to the fact that the game universe is expanding and becoming a part of the gamers’ real life. Almost 50% of the gamers in our survey state that they had made friends online whom they meet in real life.

The report also answers basic questions needed to navigate in the market based on the extensive survey. What are the characteristics of online gamers and how do we best target the different player groups? What does it takes to make it in the gaming market in respect to barriers, attractions, and revenue? What are the differences across geographic regions and different genres? Do the players play alone and how do the different segments prefer to play?

The new report titled Online Gaming Habits is 46 pages + appendix and contains a in-depth description of the hardcore computer gamer.

Game Research was established in November 2001 as a consultancy firm focused on bringing together knowledge on computer games from the areas of art, business, and science. We can be hired for professional advice on different aspects of gaming.

Such aspects could be:

  • Quality assurance: Making sure games live up to standards.
    Gaming, usability and user tests: Testing whether the game makes sense at all for the first time user.
  • Market research: Credible knowledge on where gaming is going. We publish reports and conduct research tailored to special needs.
  • Concept and ideas: We help in developing a game design and take contact to relevant players in the industry.

Consulting is based on our backgrounds in game development, user testing, market surveys, and research within the field. We have been involved in developing online games for major consumer brands. Though the years, we have provided advice to a variety of target groups, from web agencies to students. We draw extensively on our knowledge from academic research.

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