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'Hunter: The Reckoning' (Xbox) Goes Gold

by Rainier on April 24, 2002 @ 5:49 p.m. PDT

Interplay Entertainment Corp. announced today that it's highly-anticipated game "Hunter: The Reckoning" has gone gold and will ship on May 21 in North America.
We are extremely proud of Hunter: The Reckoning, this is an original Xbox game that simply kicks butt, " said Jim Molitor, Vice-President of Production at Interplay Entertainment Corp. "The development team at High Voltage Software worked closely with White Wolf Publishing to make Hunter the purist action gaming experience immersed in the rich fiction of White Wolf's World of Darkness."

In Hunter: The Reckoning, there is evil everywhere, but now a mysterious force has imbued a chosen few humans with not just the knowledge of the evil, but the power to do something about it. Played from a third person perspective, Hunter drops players in the nightmarish setting of modern day Hunters. Creatures of the dark disguised as everyday mortals plague humankind. Players can assume the role of one of four Hunter characters, in either single player or 4-player cooperative multiplayer mode, each endowed with unique supernatural abilities that become more diverse and powerful as players progress through 20 plus levels conquering evil. Hunter: The Reckoning has already secured outstanding accolades and previews from many online and print gaming media as well as major consumer press.

"Our goal was to combine a great story with intense action, and the richness of the White Wolf universe gives us an incredible background," said Scot Lane, Executive Producer of Hunter. "We took full advantage of the graphical realism the Xbox provides".

For all other information regarding Hunter: The Reckoning, please visit the official website.

Imaginative design, powerful proprietary technology and a proven development process have made High Voltage Software Inc. a fierce competitor in the entertainment industry. Founded in 1993, this Chicago-based developer has been crafting games for three generations of consoles and the PC. Some recent hits include "LEGO Racers," "All-Star Baseball 2001," "Ground Control: Dark Conspiracy" and "NBA Inside Drive 2002." For information on High Voltage Software, please visit their website.

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