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'Tactical Ops' Update Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 25, 2002 @ 5:51 p.m. PDT

This patch is for Infogrames' "Tactical Ops : Assault on Terror" retail version ONLY (in stores since yesterday). It fixes some minor bugs that they discovered since it went gold. Read more for a detailed list and links where to grab it.

Get the retail patch off the Worthplaying server (5.8mb)

For other server/mirrors go here

List of changes from version 310 to 315:

  • Weapon sound volume tweaked. The player can now better localize firing sounds in 3D space.
  • When the user changes the voice menu key only one key is then available. If the user sets this to left click (as when the user double-clicks by accident), the player can then no longer access the GUI whatsoever and must re-install the game.
  • In multiplayer, when a terrorist spawns with the bomb, accesses the buy menu, and buys something, the bomb disappears. The terrorists cannot complete their objective at this point.
  • The names of the enemies pops up through smoke.
  • Pressing F4 and F5 while on the Favorites tab of the Find Internet games menu, while a player's favorite server is not running will cause the player's machine to crash to their desktop.
  • The host of a LAN game cannot see or hear client's footsteps.
  • When buying knives in the buy menu, an equal number of Glock clips are bought.
  • The map list starts out empty. This bug has been fixed. However, due to a limitation, the player can only save 32 maps, so WinterRansom is left out of the list.
  • The player menu access via the F1 key is very erratic. Players are left off the player list and players are listed as being on the wrong team.
  • Controls settings are not always being kept.
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