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SuperPower Patch v1.1 Available NOW

by Rainier on April 25, 2002 @ 7:12 p.m. PDT

Dreamcatcher just informed us that they have just released a new Update patch (v1.1) for their recently released game "Superpower". The new patch fixes mainly AI fixes and stuff left unattended in their previous (v1.01) patch.. Read more to find a detailed list and links where to grab this 35mb beauty!

Get the 1.1 patch off the Worthplaying server (35mb)

Get the 1.1 patch off the Dreamcatcher server

Version 1.1 modifications

  • AI-controlled countries now try more to maintain their trade treaties and military force
  • The secret services action queue, international funding and ongoing actions are now cleared when a country gets conquered
  • The newspaper secret services report now list foreign secret services activity in a different section than domestic secret services activity
  • Changes to the GNP have been toned down
  • Countries don't get involved in wars as often as before, and rely more on breaking political ties (we believe this fixed the WW3 always breaking out)
  • Resources don't seem to get into insane overflowed amounts anymore
  • Fixed possible overflow in population repartition bars
  • Fixed sold and given military units not deducted from giver's equipment
  • Fixed first and last fields in secret services and country development research categories that couldn't be selected
  • Pre-targeted missiles now stay targeted when loading a game
  • Fixed the VIEW BASES button unavailable for country's than don't have any (which enables the BUILD NEW BASE button)
  • AI troop movement restricted a little bit more
  • MSVCP60.DLL now included in the package for users with previous versions of Windows
  • AI-controlled countries move their capital less often
  • Fixed international funding that went too high for some countries
  • Fixed units parked in naval navpoints disappearing when loading a saved game
  • Fixed secret services efficiency bar not displayed when efficiency is too high
  • Fixed military units weapon range
  • Changed the way the AI move its troops, and a distance limit has been imposed for smaller countries
  • AI troop movement restricted a little bit more than in patch 1.01 beta
  • All saved games can now be reloaded, including those that used to crash
  • CTD bug at turns 30-60 is believed to be fixed; it shouldn't happen anymore
  • Fixed tutorials 2, 3 and 5
  • More trained AI
  • Mouse now locked in the production bars in the city theme
  • The owner of a country can now be defined in the Scenario Editor
  • Gamma, music and sound effects can be turned off by editing SUPERPOWER.CFG
  • Fixed the way the international fund was giving money
  • Fixed the construction display in city theme
  • War treaty can no longer be broken
  • Doesn't display the type of strategic missile in the newspaper anymore
  • Fixed player actions that were not registered if no city was selected
  • Player can now launch any type of strategic missiles
  • Fixed the Canadian meat and cereals trade agreements
  • Trade units treaty is not refused by everybody anymore
  • Fixed strange behaviors with prices and CTD when designing units
  • Population unrest diminished, and winning battles help increase public support
  • SHOW ALL button in military theme now available for countries with only one city
  • EHE Manager now grabs a screenshot on every pass to monitor progress
  • Fixed United States unable to build M1A2
  • Fixed date reverting to January 1st when loading a saved game
  • Fixed other countries than United States displaying American bases and missiles in the Strategic Warfare screen
  • In the Conventional Warfare screen, units can now be selected when the control popup is closed
  • The diplomatic relations bar is moving more
  • Fixed building a base in countries which do not have any making strange resources and production values
  • Fixed cases where declaring war did not break the cease-fire treaty
  • Fixed the CTD that occurred when clicking on some naval navpoints in the city theme
  • Music now continues to play on the New Game screen
  • It's now possible to cancel a Secret Services action in the same turn it was created
  • Fixed technology financing that was locked at 0 for some countries
  • City features construction progress is now kept in saved games
  • Radiation level is now displayed when entering the Strategic Warfare screen
  • Fixed radiation level not resetted when starting a new game
  • Fixed the missile update when building non-nuclear strategic missiles
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