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'Football Mania' (GBA/PS2/PC) - Facts

by Rainier on April 26, 2002 @ 1:01 p.m. PDT

In this, a World Cup year, Electronic Arts and LEGO Interactive are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of an action-packed football game targeted at the 6-10 year old gamer. Where other football games are about realism and skill for the experienced gamer, FOOTBALL MANIA is a wacky, fun and accessible game for the younger player.
FOOTBALL MANIA offers stunning graphics and fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay with all the colourful fun and creativity for which LEGO Company is known. The player can customize their very own LEGO® football teams choosing from standard football players, wild west cowboys, pirates, knights and even martians!

Players can test their skills and challenge the opposition to hilarious football matches on unique, action-packed football pitches. These are football pitches with a difference – play on the deck of a pirate ship, in the middle of the Arctic, in a Wild West corral and even on Mars.

Outlandish sound effects and special effects add to the arcade-style game play. Watch the sparks fly when a player gets tackled or picks up a power-up.

A fun story mode adds an extra dimension and will catch the young gamer’s imagination. When the Naughty Brickster swipes the Qualifying Tournament prize, the player has to pit his soccer skills against the zany cast of LEGO characters and chase the Brickster to regain the prize.

The player can hone their game and perfect their football skills in the Skill Zone – a fun way to learn basic game mechanics. As with everything in FOOTBALL MANIA, it’s training with a difference. Shoot shields in Knights’ Kingdom for passing practice, try to tackle Skeletons or stop the Cowboy Fort from being built by shooting footballs at it. Get a good score in the Skill Zone and unlock additional players.

Players will have endless fun with power-ups in FOOTBALL MANIA. Try ‘Rocket Ball’ and watch as the ball turns into a rocket & speeds towards the goal. Or see the ball teleport back to the feet of the players character with ‘Steal the Ball’ - just when the opposition was about to score!

This is fast-paced football action – with the LEGO pitch the ball never goes out of play. The addition of wacky power-ups, mad LEGO characters & fantastic environments will ensure that each game is unlike any football match ever seen before – it is football mania!

Silicon Dreams Studio Ltd., one of the most successful football games developers in the UK has developed FOOTBALL MANIA for PlayStation┬«2 and PCCD, whilst Tiertex Studios Ltd. was responsible for the GameBoy Advance™ version.

Key features:

  • 4 game modes (Friendly, Adventure, LEGO Cup, Skill Zone)
  • Multiplayer mode (1-4)
  • 150 different LEGO characters
  • 23 amazing LEGO environments on PS2/PC (10 on GBA)
  • 6 crazy power-ups
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