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JoeSwammi MLB 2002 Season - Free Trial

by Rainier on April 3, 2002 @ 3:39 p.m. PST

JoeSwammi MLB lets you choose two real major league teams, most likely a game that will actually be played in the major leagues and JoeSwammi MLB will try and predict the game using the latest statistics, freshly downloaded, for FREE! Read more for details, links and screens.

Grab "JoeSwammi MLB 2002 Season" here (800k)

Downloads 2001 stats until 2nd day of 2002 regular season then it grabs 2002 stats their after. The more At Bats the MLB batters get, The better JoeSwammi becomes. It is dependant upon a major website to grab that statistics. Problems with optaining statistics is out of JoeSwammi's control, normally after the first week of the regular season the website has all the pages up that JoeSwammi looks for.

New Game Wizard!

  • Easier & Faster way of starting the setup for a sim.

Mass Simulate a Game!

  • Simulate a game up to 501 times, see end results.

Save Team Line-ups!

  • No more wasting time choosing the line-up.

Use Online or Offline Stats!

  • Save the Stats for later use. JoeSwammi will read them automatically for offline use.

New Favorites Button!

  • Get to Your Favorite Bookmarks from JoeSwammi. For easy browsing to your own sports websites.

More Accurate!

New Toolbar!

Still Latest Statistics for Free!

v2002 Can be used 21 times. $10 to unlock. Will only be able to download the latest stats up until the end of the 2002 season. NOTE:Downloads 2001 stats until 2nd day of 2002 regular season then it grabs 2002 stats their after.

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