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2002 E3 'Pool World Cup'

by Rainier on April 30, 2002 @ 12:10 p.m. PDT

Continuing a tradition launched at the 2000 E3 showcase, Smoking Gun, in conjunction with The Producers, are proud to unveil plans for the 2002 E3 Pool World Cup. The event is open to anybody attending the LA show, with participants engaging in a World Cup style tournament, encompassing group stages, knockout stages, and even featuring the dreaded “penalty shoot-outs”!
Intel ® and Havok to host 2002 competition…

The venue: Santa Monica’s Gotham Hall.
The date: Wednesday, May 22nd. The time: 8:00pm.
The reason: the 3rd annual E3 Pool Party organised once again by veteran UK developers Smoking Gun.

The event has attracted sponsorship from two of the leading companies operating within the games industry – Pentium ® 4 Processor manufacturers Intel ® and physics gurus Havok have joined forces to ensure the free beer will be flowing well into the small hours.

“This extravaganza of pool is for all the developers who don't have the time to go to Japan this summer and drink in support of their country's soccer team. It is a chance for a lonely development house to defend its honour in the blood sport arena that is eight ball pool. All winners must down two beers as they progress to ensure an even handicap system and weed out the sharks. Pool is just simple physics. Even we can do that.”, said Jim Lawton, Havok Head of Sales and gentleman pool player.

Dan Snyder, Marketing Manager for Intel Consumer Content Group had this to say, “Don't let your eyes stray from the cue ball guys, and remember you can always take your "performance cue" from our trusty Pentium ® 4 Processor! Intel ® is happy to sponsor this heated test of the minds, wills, skills, and livers! Hats off to all the developers out there who keep the software flowing and the need for performance growing!”

Develop Magazine will once again be lending their stout support as media partners for the event. Organisation this time around will be aided and abetted by top-notch fulfilment company The Producers.

“The Producers has always allied itself with independent companies, none more so than Smoking Gun. We are pleased to merge the twin delights of football and drinking in a typically American setting whilst taking part in a ‘sporting’ contest. We were particularly happy to help organise this event given that it is a format open to all comers and does not exclude entrants on the basis of means testing and proprietary formats. The 2002 E3 Pool World Cup will prove to be the best entertainment at E3, other parties will be SO New York…”, said Andy Payne, Producers Managing Director and all round top-bloke.

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